On Christmas Eve, hip-hop was hit unexpectedly with the death of Pro Era rapper Capital STEEZ. Just a few days before the crew released their new PEEP: The Aprocalypse mixtape, MTV News caught up with them to get a preview.

In the clip, Steez explains the dynamic of Pro Era and the importance of working from the bottom to the top. "I could relate to Chuck [Strangers] about being at the bottom of the totem pole," he said. "You put yourself in a mind state [where you] lower your expectations, something big is always gonna happen. And that's the mind state. I gotta keep reminding myself every day. That's how I kinda stay afloat."

We also see the 19-year-old rapper spit his own version of “Vinyls,” which originally has Dessy Hinds and Nyck Caution on the song. Watch the video above.