10 Ways Wiz Khalifa Spends His Night in First Class

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    10 Ways Wiz Khalifa Spends His Night in First Class
    Earlier this week, Wiz Khalifa released his sophomore album, <em>O.N.I.F.C.</em> The Taylor Gang captain brings fans into his world on songs like “Bluffin’” and “Got Everything.” After taking in the album, Wiz isn’t shy to admit that first class living is pretty fly. But let’s think for a second: What really goes on behind those curtains? <p>Whether drinking champagne or getting trippy (and then some) with Juicy J, here’s 10 ways <em>XXL</em> thinks Wiz spends his evenings in first class. Get on his level.—<em>Eric Diep</em> <a href="https://twitter.com/E_Diep"><em> (@E_Diep)</em></a></p>
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    Listens to <em>O.N.I.F.C.</em>
    Wiz is on a lot of long flights across the world, so chances are he brought plenty of distractions with him. Of course, he came prepared with rolling papers. And then for some in-flight entertainment, he puts on his own album. How else would you make one dedicated to first class?
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    He handles his own luggage
    If you have peeped Wiz’s style game lately, he has been evolving from streetwear brands to reaching a happy medium between hippie and rock. So it’s no surprise that Wiz’s boast on “Fall Asleep” (“Ooh, I got so much swag/That the people at the airport don’t want to touch my bags/Only nigga in first class”) describes his steez pretty well. Sorry stewardess, but Taylor Gang can take care of their own luggage.
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    Drinks champagne
    Wiz’s got so much money that he could pay for unlimited amounts of bottle service. He lives by a certain mantra, as stated in this very tweet: “Why not drink champagne, and try to live everything u dreamed about.” We wonder what his choice of bubbly is—Ace of Spade or Moet?
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    Takes a nap
    If you were traveling to all these places like Wiz is—especially on his current 2050 Tour—you would probably catch some Zs too. Sometimes, smoking that good will knock you out.
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    Watches Pulp Fiction
    You know those in-flight movies? None of them are ever particularly interesting. So what does Wiz do? Requests his own favorite movie for the first class lounge. Based on one of his <a href="https://twitter.com/RealWizKhalifa/status/274592123150557185">earlier tweets</a>, he got pretty baked and watched <em>Pulp Fiction.</em> It’s an all-around classic.
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    He live tweets everything
    Wiz isn’t really the type to live tweet his every movement. But that doesn’t mean his timeline is popping with retweet-worthy gems. You can expect that while in first class, he will keep us updated on everything from his munchies to what he’s listening to. “High and hungry listenin to @theweeknd. Now im just high listenin to @theweeknd :-)”
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    Rolls ones up or two
    If you really listen to Wiz Khalifa, this right here is a given. With all <a href="http://www.xxlmag.com/features/2012/12/wiz-khalifaweed-reference-wiz-khalifa-makes-on-o-n-i-f-c-2/">the weed references in his songs</a>, Wiz probably has his posse consistently rolling one up for any type of occasion. Nights in first class is mainly for staying medicated.
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    Spends time with Amber Rose
    There’s no doubt Mrs. Khalifa is holding down her man. We predict that the couple rarely spends any time together since both are wildly busy with their own careers. Since they are about to be parents—and more importantly Wiz welcoming a son soon—these first class flights may be the only time for them to be alone.

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