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1. Always Respect the Boot [Fashion Etiquette]

Beef & Broccoli Timbs

Roc Marciano: "I’m a Beef and Broccoli king so don’t ever disrespect the boot—don’t turn your back on the ‘Timbs. I’m still young at heart so I just feel like I’m one of the young niggas. They young but we all fuckin’ the same bitches—I still fuck the young bitches, too. So the young little niggas—I’m out there with them. So, I don’t segregate due to age. I be in the studio with Al, Odd Future—you know what I’m saying? We all kicking it, joking—I be rapping, ranking on niggas about Vans and shit like that out in L.A. Everybody’s rocking the Van wave and shit and I’m on my old-school shit with my ‘Timbs and shit. That’s about the only difference between me and a younger rapper is maybe some of the fashion and shit. But I still be fly so it don’t make no difference [laughs]. That’d be about it—I don’t really want them to know nothing other than that. Respect the boot and check the rhymes."

2. Hit the Bars [Park Etiquette]

Hit The Pull-Up Bars

Roc Marciano: "You should be hitting the pull-up bar if you’re in the park. You should be at the bar and not skipping rope. Play some ball."

3. No Open Sales [Corner Etiquette]

Corner Etiquette

Roc Marciano: "No sales out in the street. [Laughs.] Make sales in the cut. Actually, no hand-to-hand. If you can get a worker, get a worker. If you out in the streets—depending on where you are. If you’re in New York you can’t even smoke bud out on the street—I recommend that you don’t do it. Don’t smoke no bud in the streets. You gotta smoke your weed at home man—keep it grown. Respect the boot. Nigga talking to you with some Beef and Brocs on you better respect that man.

4. If You're Doing Wrong, Do It Right [Cop-Car Etiquette]

Talking to Cops

Roc Marciano: "Well, if you’re smooth like I am, you can still probably get [your phone] in the pocket, and make calls. If you’re smooth with it. Talk to the cops with respect—they’re doing they job, let them know that you’re not trying to stop them from doing they job. That’s how I talk to police—you know what I’m saying? They pull me over, I let them know, ‘There ain’t no guns or no drugs in here—y'all can search this shit if you want to.’ Because where I’m from, they’re gonna search your shit if they want to anyway, and I ain’t trying to go through no fucking long ride—especially if I ain’t riding dirty. And if you’re riding dirty, do everything right. Put your motherfucking seatbelt on—take your hat off—take the Versaces off. If you’re doing wrong, do it right."

5. Make Sure There's Some Weed [Studio Etiquette]

Stuido Etiquette

Roc Marciano: "I record a lot at home so I’m the nigga with the socks on. [Laughs.] Nowadays, I don’t hit other people’s studios—I got my own studio. So I mainly record at the crib or at Al’s crib and the only etiquette—make sure there’s some weed if you need it—you know what I’m saying? If you need weed make sure there’s some fuckin’ weed there. I don’t smoke no dust. I smoke weed dust—I sprinkle it with that Chief Keef. So, besides having some weed on deck—I just need peace man. I don’t need too many people in the studio and stuff like that—not when I’m working on one of my joints. If you’re at Al crib, sometimes it’ll be 'rap camp' over there. It is what it is. But when I’m working for dolo, I usually keep the studio nice and quiet so that I can hear my thoughts.

"[If you got] a lot of people in the studio, you want to get your verse done one or two takes. Sharp, precise—in and out like a crack house. Definitely when you’re in there you don’t want to be taking a bunch of takes or whatever. But I’m not a bunch of takes dudes anyway. If I feel like I’m not getting it in the first couple of takes, I’ll probably come back, sit down for a minute like, ‘Okay—it ain’t really ready yet.’"