Every year Forbes unveils a list of the world’s richest moneymakers. While young talents like Justin Bieber is on the quick come up with $55 million—thanks to his investments in various startup ventures—the figures are merely half of what former N.W.A., and Aftermath chairman, Dr. Dre took home.

$110 million went to Dr. Dre, mostly for his very popular Dre Beats headphone line. When Taiwanese cell-phone maker HTC paid $300 million for a 51% stake in the producer's business, Andre received $100 million in pretax. And in a very smart move, Dre and his partners later bought back half of what they sold, according to Forbes.

While various top-class hip-hop figures have reaped in astronomical figures this year, aside from Jay-Z and Diddy, a majority has made their earnings through tours, not downright business hustles.

Amongst this year’s Forbes top-five earners in music list, only Dre hails from the United States. Pink Floyd artist Roger Waters took home $88 million, nearly all of it from touring. Sir Elton John, garnered approximately $80 million from shows as well. Ireland’s U2—earning $78 million—also amassed its wealth through the group’s record-breaking 360 tour.

Familiar names in the hip-hop world have made the top-20 rankings. Rihanna lands at 12 with $53 million, Diddy at 15 for $45 million, Beyonce claimed bigger figures than hubby Jay with $40 million to Jigga’s $38 million. Kanye West and Adele tied at 22 with $35 million. —XXL Staff (@XXL)