Twitter seems to be the breeding ground for a lot of this year's rap beefs. 50 Cent, no stranger to the tactic, recently got into it with former Dr. Dre protege Slim the Mobster on Sunday (November 11) after the latter baited the G-Unit mogul by calling him a "steroid junky" and a snitch.

The reason for all this? Slim believes that Fif stole his style and music, which is the same reason why he came after him on Twitter this past summer, where he called 50 gay and accused him of working with the feds.

50 later responded on the lengthy string of tweets, taking to his account to tweet out a few jabs himself. "Yo what's that boy name,DRE Dropped him off after math he got a big ass A on his back LMAO. SMSaudio [sic]," he tweeted before ending with, "That was your 15 min of fame .moving on #SMSaudio."

Stay tuned to for more on this matter.