Compton emcee Game recently sat with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club morning show where he touched on a variety of hot topics including his upcoming Marrying The Game VH1 reality show, run-in with 40 Glocc, infidelity, his Jesus Piece album and much more. Focusing on the interviews key moments, XXL gathered up a list of 26 things that we learned about the rapper during the sit-down interview.—Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

Whether He’s Getting Married or Not Will Be Revealed on VH1 Reality Show


Angela Yee: So you are still getting married and your show will still be on in November?

Game: “The show will be on November 19th and whatever happens will be revealed on there. Everybody could check it out.”

40 Glocc is Fast


"I’ma tell you for a little chubby dude, [40 Glocc] is fast man. It took me a cool minute and a half to really catch up to him. He’s fast man."

Fiancé Doesn’t Have Issues With His Public Violent Streak


“Nah, I think it’s probably just infidelity. She ain’t got no problems with me doing what I do. I’ve been floating through hip-hop like this ’bout almost like 10 years so, I’m good. I got myself and my family protected. Nine times out of 10, I’ma come out on top and safe.”


Believes He’s Not A Bully


"I’m not really the bully type it’s kind of like when somebody’s got a problem with me and then I see them. Most of the time, I don’t know if they think I’m like a little guy—you know I never see these rappers until after but, once I see them they end up being small and I’m 6’5” 240 pounds so once I throw the first [punch] it’s lights out."

Thinks Shyne Is Sad and Bored for Calling Kendrick Lamar’s Album “Trash”


"That’s my lil’ guy man (Kendrick) and it’s a really good album. I felt like for [Shyne] to really jump out of the window and really do that was not right. I had a lot of respect for Shyne and always showed love to him throughout the early stages of my career and now but, [Kendrick] is from Compton, he’s prolonged in my city’s stay and doing his thing, his album’s dope and he’s not gonna respond. He’s a good kid so I felt like I had to take that one and I did. I feel like Shyne is somewhere in Belize, he can’t come into the U.S., he’s sad and sitting in his house with his kufi on, or his flattop—I don’t know how his hair is today. He got the Yamaka on and all so I just feel like he bored and jumping out the window for attention."

Says 40 Glocc Didn’t Want to Fight, Fought 211 At Lil Wayne Birthday Party


"Neither one of ’em were really fighting. I couldn’t get 40 Glocc to put his hands up for some reason and I kept asking him—the video clearly shows me amping him up to put his dukes up but, he didn’t want to fight. 211 is another guy who runs around crazy, then I caught him at Lil Wayne’s birthday party and I simply walked up to Wayne and was like, “You my dude, I know it’s your birthday but this LA and it got to happen.” He was like it’s whatever.

Then I told Baby the same thing, Baby was like, “Blood you gotta do what you gotta do.” [So] I waited for a while until the party calmed down and dude, he must’ve felt my energy, tried to leave so I went and followed him outside and turned him around and he did put his hands up and then it was a wrap."

Thoughts on Beef: “People Need to Leave Me Alone”


"I’ma be here for my kids regardless. If we can’t have a man to man dispute then what are we doing. People need to just leave me alone man. For some reason I’m always the guy that people want to aim at and I’m coming everytime."

Never Ran, Never Will


"I think that’s one of my problems maybe I should run sometimes. If I run and I get away, the next time it’s going to be the coldest beat down. I’m not running man, that’s one of my problems. I’m just gonna stay there and take the beat down. Something’s going to happen after that."

Likes the New West Coast Movement


“I feel all of them; I like the new West Coast movement. Everything from Dom Kennedy to Tyler, the Creator is cool with me. Tyga’s one of my lil homies, he doing good. I feel like he services that single radio, Fabolous-like area as far as California is concerned. I feel like Kendrick is that Lupe, I feel like Dom Kennedy is in his lane and Tyler is that crazy, Black Eminem, underground hip-hop. I like all of it. Nipsey is my dude, he do his thing man.

I feel like it’s been a while since the West really had a surge but right now there’s a lot of dope artists coming out so it’s dope.”

Don’t Think We Need Detox


Look at it man, I think Beats made like $2 billion last year so talks of a album, I don’t understand it. We don’t need it.

Doesn’t think Jesus Piece is the New The Chronic


"That got misconstrued through media. I said that it was reminiscent to how The Chronic 2001 was put together. It was like Dre and all of these dope features around it. Jesus Piece is sort of like that."

Jesus Piece will be Feature Heavy, Think It’s His Best Album


" [The album] is feature heavy but for a reason. The reason being is because I found that while I was in the creative process of this album, a lot of artists felt like me. They believe in God but they didn’t really want to change the makeup of the person they really were and wanted to be. So I start having these conversations with J. Cole, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and so forth. I just started realizing that they kind of felt like me so, I just kept it going.

This is my best album. Number one, I’m a little more seasoned than I was in the beginning. I was focused the entire time. This is my first album, since The Documentary where I was able to be there for the start all the way through the mixing and mastering and then I got on the road. I just had good people and good vibes, the album is just crazy."

His Jesus Piece Has a Jesus Piece


"Some people just need a little extra Jesus. A little extra you know."

Goes to Church Every Sunday


"I go to church every Sunday. Me and my homey, we don’t miss a Sunday but then you’ll see a nigga go on Worldstar scrapping. Everybody in the church isn’t walking out the church being holier than thou."


"My bishop was in Virginia speaking and we down there to check it out so it’s not I’m not really involved with it. I talk to him two, three times a week for spiritual guidance. I ain’t no Pastor Mason or nothing like that but, I’m in the early stages of trying to find the right balance so that I could live my life drama free."

He’s Elgible to Vote, Voted for Obama


“Yeah I filed my absentee ballot before I left.”

Charlamagne: Who’d you vote for?

Game: “Come on man, the Black guy man. The Black guy wins everytime.”

Not Worried About the LA Lakers’ Current Lackluster Performance


“We don’t have to look good five games in. What you do have to know is that the Staples Center will be packed with bad women the entire season, we will have the brightest lights, the dopest cars outside, we are the Staples Center. We got palm trees, we’re good. 0-82 is fine to us. It’s the lifestyle. Dwight Howard on the buildings when you come out there, it’s just a good feel. The clubs pop, you know, we aint trying to win much. We good."

Not Nervous About Exposing Family Life In Reality Series


"Nah, I don’t really care. It’s not really that soft, I think on the reality show I did everything right to edge of us getting kicked off the air."

Ain’t To Proud to Beg


"There’s always a beg [when it comes to women]. Whether it’s authentic or fake, you gotta do what you gotta do. You just gotta make it sound real. There’s dudes doing 10 years in prison that’s begging their women back…so everybody is begging to get their women back."

Women Can’t Do What Men Do


A woman is better off assuming [that every man cheats]. It would be better off that way. Angela Yee: Don’t you think that might lead a woman to do her own thing as well?

See but then you know what’s gonna happen, you know you’ll get called that word.

Angela Yee: If you do a woman wrong over and over again, and she steps out one time, you would take her back? You would understand?

No I would never understand. It’s over with that’s how it goes.

Stat Quo is to Him, What Dame Dash was to Jay-Z


Stat Quo is like, if I was Jay he would be Dame at this point. He’s just been real instrumental with everything I do, I almost feel like I can’t even walk into the studio and get it off and do my thing without him. His brain works like mine. We both come from that Dr. Dre school and so the recording process, it’s always cool to balance out stuff off somebody that’s just educated in music and hip-hop as we are.

Starting Rolex Records with Stat Quo


"Me and Stat starting this new company called Rolex Records, its real dope. The thing is music is timeless and that’s what Dre always preaches. If you listen to Dre, after The Chronic he never puts dates or says the year of car in his songs so, that’s what he tries to encourage. When you recording with Dr. Dre, it’s really like a tutorial. So that’s it man, Rolex, music is timeless and we gonna try to kick that off with Jesus Piece."

Jesus Piece Contains Dr. Dre Produced Track “Dead People”


"Dre produced a song for the album called 'Dead People' which is dope and is like the iTunes bonus track. If you pre-order the album, you get that song instantly. It’s about killing my pops, it’s dope."

Considering Going Independent, Despite Speaking to Rick Ross and Baby


"Baby my homey. Tune is my homey. Baby would always be calling me throwing around money, Bugattis and houses in Miami and it sounds great to my mind. So I’m listening. I was chopping it up with Ross the other day at Penn State but I think I might do my independent thing. I got a core fanbase and I feel like I could see some real money doing my own thing."