Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose, “It’s a Love Thing” [October/November 2012 Cover Story]

So what about Amber got you so caught up?
Wiz: It was really just her personality. The way I felt, like, she really loved me and stood up for me. At the point where she could’ve went either way.

She wasn’t chasing you just for being Wiz…
Wiz: Yeah. Not only that, but she had people whose interests weren’t necessarily how happy she was, personally. It was like, “How many dollars can we get.” And she went against those people, because she’s like, “Yo, I love this dude and I don’t give a fuck what you guys say or who you think he is or what you think it’s going to do for my career. I want to be happy and fall in love and I want to fully experience this.” We had that conversation and she told me what her decision was. Even before that, I knew she was down for me. But that was like what really solidified it and made it, more-or-less; couldn’t nobody tell me anything about her after that. What would you say about the industry, this, that and the other thing.

How do your families get along?
Wiz: They get along great.

Amber: They love each other.

Wiz: Her and my dad talk more than me and my dad. Me and her mom are best friends. Her and my mom just chop it up. It’s crazy; we were raised like we all grew up together. Her mom is just like my mom; her dad is just like my dad. Her dad was in the military; my dad was the more strict military one. Her mom let her do whatever and my mom just let me run around and do whatever. It’s the same message from both of our parents so it’s really crazy.

Amber: We have the same exact parents… My family now is Wiz and his mom, dad and sister and his family, I’ve gained a whole family and now we’re having a baby so that’s more important to me than any career I could possibly have. I’m not one of those girls that’s going to wait until they’re 45. I just feel like I need to do what makes me happy. Family makes me happy. My side of the family is literally like three people. So when me and Wiz fell in love, his entire family just took me in and I was like, ‘This is what I always wanted.’ I just felt like I was back home and that was true happiness for me.

A lot of rappers don’t like to look married or wifed up so that they can stay attractive to their female fans. Keep the fantasy. Ever worry about losing that part of your fan base?
Wiz: Nah, not at all.

Amber: They love us.

Wiz: The girls, I don’t feel like—a lot of my female fans aren’t attracted to me sexually anyway. They like my music.

Amber: I don’t believe that.

Wiz: They like my music and they like my mind frame. So, when they see me and see how much I love Amber, that just adds to it. They don’t necessarily want me, they want they’re own guy to be modeled after me. So I’m perfectly fine with that. I’m taken… You know, everything I do is me, personally. That’s just how I feel. I wouldn’t be me if I was acting any type of way, if I acted like another rapper doing what another rapper does. My situation works for me perfectly. But for another rapper—and you know some of my friends are fuckin’ sleazebags, and they’re not not my friends but, they’re just not on the same shit that I’m on. That’s just where the line is drawn. I think when you have that respect with your peers and the people who know you then you could move forward everybody knows that you’re being real.

You’re so open when talking about loving Amber and being in love. You don’t often see that in hip-hop. It’s kinda more old R&Bish. What makes you comfortable with being so open about your feelings?

Wiz: I love my baby. She’s gorgeous and it makes me look even cooler when I show how much I love her to other people. But not only that, it’s just how I really feel. And that’s just what I’m all about. It’s about being yourself, 100 percent. When I met Amber, she loved me for who I was. I had some money, but it was like to pay my bills and literally set myself up for a future. But I was wearing the same camo shorts and high-tops and Chucks. But she liked my swag and she liked me for who I was and I wasn’t afraid of that.

Amber: I remember when you called me—and he was like, “Babe, I just got the cover of Rolling Stone.” And I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I was so excited.

Wiz: When she seen me on the cover of XXL—tell her about the story with XXL.

Amber: Yeah I saw him on the cover of XXL’s Freshmen Class [April 2010 issue]. And I was like, he was the only one on there that was smiling. It’s so crazy that I didn’t put two and two together when I met him, ’cause at that time, I didn’t really know “Black and Yellow.” I didn’t really listen to radio like that. And when I met him, I didn’t put two and two together until after. “Hey, you’re from the Freshman Class of XXL!” And now he’s my fiancé.


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  • solloman

    Im soo Happy for these two :) Its a true fairy tale x

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    yeah men am so happy 4 u,the only thing abt u dat make’s me 2 fall inluv with anything abt u is three things,1 ur swag,2 u re proudly of wht u re doing like smoking weed nd finaly u re true a king cozz u treat ur woman right nt giving a dame of wht fake pple say abt u nd amber…….wishing u best of wedlucky nd am hoping 2 see ur unborn baby too i got dude

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      I tried reading your comment man, but I am gonna be honest here and I am not trying to piss take but I didn’t really have a clue at times what you was saying :/

      • Nick.Nelly

        yeah men am so happy 4 u,the only thing abt u dat make’s me 2 fall inluv with u is three things(,1st) ur swag,(2) u re proudly of wht u re doing like smoking weed nd finaly u re true a king coz u treat ur woman right nt giving a dame shit of wht fake pple/niggaz say abt u nd amber…….wishing u best of wedlucky nd am hoping 2 see ur unborn baby too i got dude

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