Shocking Footage Surfaces of Lil Reese Allegedly Assaulting Female [Video]

GBE member and Def Jam signee Lil Reese has found himself in hot water after footage surfaced this morning of him and another male brutally assaulting an unnamed female. In the shocking clip Reese is seen arguing with the woman before unleashing a vicious two on one assault. Reese took to his Twitter to address the video earlier today, issuing the following statement:

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  • jb

    i think it’s safe to not use “allegedly” on this one.

  • mufc1

    what a dumbfuck.Send him to jail

  • Bkfresh83

    Who?? Either way what a scumbag

  • WeGlobal

    what a fucking faggot lock hiss as up in jail along with chief queef

  • WeGlobal

    people making jokes about this faggot but when chris brown did what he did it was all fuck yous to him

  • WeGlobal

    + chris turned himself in and told him mom first and he didnt mean to do what he did neither

  • WeGlobal

    apparently this video is a couple years old so those fuckers just let this shit slide smh disgusting lock this faggot up please

  • Yep Yep

    What a punk ass dude. He’s softer than tissue



  • swat your punk ass like a fly

    It’s never to late lil reese. I see 3hunna pipe ass hitting …. beating you to a bloody pulp already. Lock your doors cause you aint safe no more hahahahaha!

  • AZ40

    Kevin Hart voice “When he stomped you, that’s when I got upset”…This shit was pretty vicious