Gucci liked the fiasco at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards

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Charlamagne: You said at the BET Awards you liked what happened.

Gucci: Yeah, I liked it.

Charlamagne: I like when my gangster rappers do gangster things.

Gucci: Yeah, if you say you don’t like somebody, you rap about them. How can you see them and not attack them or fight them?

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Gucci hopes Rocko doesn’t do Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Gucci: I think Rocko’s one of the artists people are really sleepin’ on.

Angela Yee: I heard he’s gonna be on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta."

Gucci: I hope he don’t.

Charlamagne: Could they offer you a big enough check to jump on "Love & Hip Hop?"

Gucci: I ain’t fittin’ to be driving all these Bentleys and Ferraris. I’m not gonna do it. They ain’t got enough money for me.

Gucci and Jeezy will never be friends.

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Charlamagne: You think you and Jeezy could ever be friends?

Gucci: Never

Charlamagne: So when y’all see each other?

Gucci: It’s just… respect. Walk over here, there’s gonna be some problems.

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Angela Yee: What song was it I heard where you was talking about white girls. Like you’re really into white girls now?

Gucci: The song is called “White Girl” but I actually was referring to the white girl that financed the Gucci Mane, not the actual white girls per say.

Angela Yee: So you’re not into white girls like that?

Gucci: Nah, I’m not into white girls. I really like black girls.

Gucci will be playing a villain in an upcoming “white movie”.

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Gucci: I’mma drop my album spring break of next year. I got a movie coming out, well it’s not my movie, I’m starring in a movie called "Spring Breakers" and it comes out next March. I’mma drop my album coinciding with that.

DJ Envy: What type of movie is that?

Gucci: It’s a white movie.

Gucci does NOT appreciate when Waka videotapes him while he’s sleeping.

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Gucci Mane: He been a boss from day one. We bump heads. We were just about to fight the other day.

DJ Envy: Fight about what?

Gucci Mane: He taped me when I was asleep.

Gucci doesn’t watch television.

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Angela Yee: You do watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta right?

Gucci Mane: No, I don’t.

Angela Yee: I would think everybody in Atlanta watches that.

Gucci Mane: I don’t watch TV.

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Nine Things We Learned From Gucci Mane’s Interview on The Breakfast Club

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Though he’s remained as consistent as ever in the mixtape circuit, it certainly feels like we don’t hear as much from Gucci Mane as we did in, say, 2009-2010. But with his highly anticipated Trap God mixtape scheduled for release next week, Gucci came through the Big Apple to do an increasingly rare press run. Yesterday, he sat down with DJ Envy, Charlamagne & Angela Yee on Power 105 to talk his upcoming mixtape, his relationship with Waka Flocka Flame, his thoughts on this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards fiasco and much more. Take a look at the nine most important things we learned about Gucci from the interview. Burrrr —XXL Staff