French Montana and Rick Ross Respond to 50 Cent’s Twitter Shots

This morning (October 10) 50 Cent let off some shots for the world to read all from his Twitter account (@50Cent), as he aimed a barrage of insults toward fellow NY rapper French Montana.

The taunting messages which found 50 calling the Bronx MC “weak” among other things, has now earned a response from French, who took to Twitter earlier to fire back.

@50cent damnnn homie last year u was da mannnnn homieeeeeee wat da fuuuckkk happen to uuuuuu,” the “Pop That” rapper tweeted this morning. “stop wearing jean shorts wit your knee cap showin swagless monkeyyyyyyyyy  lol [sic],” he continued.

The tweets didn’t stop there however, French’s MMG comrade, and fellow rival of 50′s, Rick Ross also stepped in with a message of his own. “y’all kno these hoe niggas get emotional around the holidays haaa [sic],” tweeted the Bawse.

As previously reported, 50 took offense to comments that French made about him in a recent interview and went on Twitter to blast the Bad Boy rapper.

“French Montana you ain’t Sh!t boy,” ’Fif tweeted early Wednesday morning (October 10). “You out your league talking about me you hoe. i read your little interview what the fucx is you high.

“French your Sh!t so weak you never had a song by your self fool,” 50 continued with the onslaught. “Ain’t nobody’s waiting to hear your verse. Girl. I’m not tweeting about this little fool No more.I’m a see him and he gonna explain that’s it.”

50’s comments come in retaliation for French’s response about ’Fif’s record sales in a recent interview.

“Of course, Ross is on his fifth album,” Montana said, after being asked if Rozay will have a longer run than 50. “And like I said, he’s only getting bigger. This is going to be Ross’ first platinum album. He never went platinum. So when 50 came up, 50 sold 10 million. Then after his first album, he just kept on going down. You think 50 could come out and sell 10 million now?

“I feel like beef hurt him,” he added later. “I feel like it helped Ross unite people. That’s why Maybach Music is one of the biggest labels. It just makes sense.”

That aside, French isn’t the only rapper that 50 is firing at. The G-Unit general recently wore what appears to be Gunplay’s MMG chain during released footage of him bowling in Washington DC earlier this week. This comes after 50’s G-Unit entourage brawled with Gunplay at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.—Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

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  • French

    I’m with French all day, 50′s seems mad selfish when we need to unite people to make money together…

    • Guest

      french is wack and ross never did shit in the streets hes fake

      • French

        lmao do you know about crooked cops? Miami drug trade? Mexican cartels etc… There’s some in the rap “game” who will never fuck the police and they fuck with Ross so you do the maths

        • Pavol Zabojnik

          “you know about crooked cops? Miami drug trade? Mexican cartels etc…”…

          no, but neither does William … CB4

      • Kingme

        French is a pussy like drake, and ross is a pussy ass lying nigga

    • Rozzy Ray

      real talk

  • Harriet__Tubman

    50′s just keeping it real. all of machbach music and ymcmb consists of hoe ass niggas bottom line. None of those fake ass wannabe “gangsters” ever did anything in their whole damn life compared to 50. You got drake talking about bodying people cmon son. rich ass jew from the rich part of toronto… u scared????

    • Ewarren Kush’n FruitGushers

      y you think 50 done did some shit cause of get rich or die trying??????? lmao he aint got no proof of bein quote on qoute HARD just like any other rapper dont you sold drugs in the past iight nigga that was then this is now… is he still bout that life

      • Harriet__Tubman

        I didnt say 50 is still bout that life, all i said was 50 is a REAL NIGGA. ross is a fucking C.O and French Montano is a HOE ASS NIGGA as the rest of Maybach and YMCMB. Get wit it nigga and learn how to spell. Us slaves can read and write with no educational training, whats your excuse?

  • Very Reasonable Citizen

    Dafuq? 50 Cent is worth 110 MILLION DOLLARS. One of the richest rappers alive. Dafuq is french montana’s weak ass talking about? People ALL OVER THE WORLD know 50 cent. I went to Africa, Europe and asked them about hip-hop, and they ALL mentioned 50 cent. Weak? Oh like that weak ass album that went platinum EIGHT times? Dont forget about the other albums, totaling ELEVEN TIMES PLATINUM- not to mention, Movies, Video Game(s), GRAMMY Wins (1) and nominations (14) What has French Fry done? Oh, XXL Freshman 2012…cool.

    • Ewarren Kush’n FruitGushers

      50 richh off of everything its not just record sales n damn sure not cause of drugs.. its cause movies reebok gunit clothing n record label books vitamin water n fuckin wit floyd mayweather doin promotions for the moneyteam.. french is damn near a rookie this year so of course he dont compare

    • FOLK103

      50cent aint worth no got damn 110millions u dummy more like 400million

  • Curtis the best

    Im going with 50 cent, French Montana never had big sucsess, pop that which features samples in the corus and lil wayne, drake and rick ross as guest. He is like the rappers DJ KHALED. Both french and rick ross are faker than wrestling shows.
    I have big respect for 50 cent.

  • noyb

    i dont like rick ross or french but i HATE!!! 50 cent

  • noyb

    and they to stop with this damn Twitter beef crap an get on the mike and spit it if you got a problem with someone pump out some diss records people dont nobody care what u tweet

  • Ewarren Kush’n FruitGushers

    is niggas forgetting who 50 cent is he aint no real gangster you fuckin idiots he got shot 9 times like ten years ago let it go he aint real i aint sayin gunplay is but yall dick huggin 50 for no reason

  • Detroit Pits

    Yea who gives a fuck what these fake ass rapers talkin bout 50 would beat yo ass if he seen you.

  • ThugMotivation

    Yal niggas aint real!…Yal aint in da streets dees niggas in so ion c how yal can call any of the bois fake..Let dem niggas handle dey beef nd u’ll c who’s real or not str8 up!!

  • Dre

    Haha Rick ross should be voted as Mtv Hottest fake rapper 2012 !
    Do you think he was crooked ? A drug dealer never takes a drugname from a real drugkingpin. He was just a fat dropout.
    Gusto cb4

  • Jewel

    In my opinion you cant beat 50 … Btw go check out this site if you need online music promotion for a great price … icebergartistmanagement(dot)com

    • Kingme

      Yeah you cant beat 50cent, who is going to run up on 50cent and him knowing it? no one everyone likes to sneak up on him and that dont work anymore…. 50cent popped gunplay in the face before his crew got at him…fuck french, ross, mmg music…fuck you.. all about G-unit

  • mclil50

    if 50 wasnt real he would be dead by now

    • Kingme

      that is the truth… if 50 wasnt real he wouldnt have so many guys backing him up.. he would be dead but 50cent will fuck anybody up..G-unit all day…




  • B3

    Lmao, that’s a lie, 50 ain thit Gunplay to pop it off, Gunplay swung at fifty, go back and listen to the interview of one of Gunits own. Yall be making up shit to try to make 50 look hard. Truth is, if yall were upcoming rappers, 50 would hate on your asses too.

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