15. "Monique’s Room" featuring Fred the Godson (Prod. by Remo the Hitmaker)


That was on the Gangsta Grillz we did. He’s signed to E1, as well, and they asked me if I’d put that song on the album. I love the song, so I figured I would round it up with that. And it was a record that made sense, being from a Gangsta Grill.

14. "My Audemars" featuring Meek Mill, Birdman and Gucci Mane (Prod. by Jahlil Beats)

1x1 copy

That was a record Meek had gave me a while ago. I got Gucci on it, got Birdman on it. It was pretty plain and simple for that one. It felt right for both those guys. I had to have people on here that could really talk some shit.

13. "We in This Bitch 1.5" featuring Drake and Future (Prod. by Kane Beatz)

1x1 copy 14

[It’s called] “1.5” because I didn’t feel like the song necessarily needed a remix. Drake came with an incredible verse. Future didn’t get an opportunity to rhyme on the original. Instead of giving it a remix, go with “1.5” and let Drake get off and Future do his thing.

12. "Same Ol’ Story" featuring Kid Ink, ScHoolBoy Q, Cory Gunz and Childish Gambino (Prod. by V12 The Hitman)

1x1 copy 13

New kids on the block. I wanted to put a record together to give some new cats a slot.

Me and [DJ] ill Will had been speaking, talking about Kid Ink, [and] he came with the hook. I love ScHoolboy; I love Cory Gunz; I’m really diggin’ Childish Gambino. That was just me being creative and giving those guys a spot on the album.

11. "Pledge of Allegiance" featuring Wiz Khalifa, Planet VI and B.o.B (Prod. by James Jeffery)

1x1 copy 12

Planet VI gave me two records: “So Many Girls” and “Pledge of Allegiance.” Incredible hook; those guys are extremely talented. I saw Wiz, played it for him [when] he was down here with Snoop. He banged out. And [with] B.o.B, it seemed like a great record for the two of them.

When I wanted to make Quality Street Music, I wanted to make it a diversified album that people could really listen to as an album. I wanted to be able to have a record like “Pledge of Allegiance” with artists like Wiz and B.o.B, who you might not necessarily think are street, but it’s still in the frame Quality Street Music because you’re listening to a form that’s not the mainstream on the radio.

10. "My Way" featuring Common, Lloyd and Kendrick Lamar (Prod. by Hit-Boy)

1x1 copy 11

Money Makin Matt gave me that Hit-Boy beat maybe two years ago. He gave me five beats. One of them was “My Way,” another one of them happened to be “Niggas in Paris”—if you hear the original beat, you can definitely hear what Kanye did to that beat. And three other beats.

Me and Lloyd worked on that record sometime last year, when I was still working on Third Power, and he put that hook to it. I sent that to various different people to get on when I was working on Third Power, but I loved the record so much and none of the verses made sense to me enough to put it out.

I played it for Kendrick [when] Kendrick came to Atlanta; we were over at Stankonia. He went in, and around the same time I went to Common and told him, I really want you to be a part of it.

9. "Real Niggas in the Building" featuring Travis Porter and Kirko Bangz (Prod. by DJ Mustard)

1x1 copy 10

Me and Travis Porter had been working on records. We actually did that record at Hot Beats. Mustard did the beat, we did that record I think in February. I reached out to Kirko to get on it. I know Travis Porter had collaborated with a bunch of people, [so] I was tryna find someone that they hadn’t collaborated with that made sense. I like to put some collaborations [together] that didn’t exist before I did them. Or something that people would find interesting.

8. "I’m a Hata" featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Tyler, The Creator and D-Bo (Prod. by TM88)

1x1 copy 9

I had the idea to put those two guys on a record, and the fact that it came into existence is just great. I went to Waka and I gave him the idea; he was with it. We got the record. I sent it to Tyler, Tyler loved it, and the rest is history. That was a simple one. It got done fast.

7. "Chocolate Droppa (Skit)" featuring Kevin Hart

1x1 copy 8

Kevin Hart’s been telling me about this rapper he’s had all these years. Kevin a good guy. I know he’s not a good manager of rappers. He told me he manages this guy Chocolate Drop, and ’cause he’s from Philly I told him I’d give Chocolate drop a shot on the album. He didn’t do too well, but I didn’t wanna take it off. I might need a favor from Kevin Hart in the future.

6. "Clouds" featuring Rick Ross, Miguel, Pusha T and Curren$y (Prod. by V12 The Hitman)

1x1 copy 7

The beat was produced by V12, one of my producers. I love the beat, I love the sample. I had been loving it for a long time. When I first heard the beat, it was so Ross to me, and Ross happened to be the last person I got on the record.

I had sent it to Miguel first, and he laid the hook. Pusha came next. And it was actually the second song I sent Curren$y; when you hear the record, you hear Curren$y say, Drama, as soon as I heard this one, I sent this right back. I had sent Curren$y another record, and that’s my man so he did it for me, but I could tell he wasn’t really feeling it like that. Then he came down to do a radio interview and I told him, I was gonna send you this one—and I played it for him.

I had been sending it to Ross. He’s a very busy man, he had been working on his album. We actually had a concert together, so I went to him myself with my Beats by Dre and make him listen to the beat with the hook. I knew that’s what he would feel. And he got it done in no time.

I knew people would find a Ross, Miguel, Pusha and Curren$y record interesting.

5. "So Many Girls" featuring Wale, Tyga & Roscoe Dash (Prod. by Boi-1da)

1x1 copy 6

Boi-1da produced that, as well. The hook was written by Rock City aka Planet VI. That was actually a record that I had around the time of Third Power, that I hadn’t finished—it was a reference.

I got Roscoe to do the hook. It’s a record that made sense. I wanted to go back in off the success that we had from “Oh My” and use somewhat of the same formula but give it a little twist. Tyga and Wale and Roscoe and that’s basically what it is. It’s a club banger that females will love.

4. "We in This Bitch" featuring Future, Young Jeezy, T.I. and Ludacris (Prod. by Kane Beatz)

1x1 copy 5

[I chose Luda, Tip and Jeezy] because they were never on a record together of that stature. It was more about the statement—about where Atlanta was at the time. Having all those guys on one record. It felt good to come out the gate with that and stand tall for the city.

3. "My Moment" featuring 2 Chainz, Meek Mill and Jeremih (Prod. by T-Minus)

1x1 copy 4

T-Minus gave me some beats last year. The beat I’ve had for some time. I was introduced to Jeremih by a mutual friend, and I hit him and told him I was looking forward to working with him. I sent him a couple different beats and let him know the direction I wanted to go with the record. He came to Atlanta one time and he played me a couple records—some that he had as well as the “My Moment” hook. I remember KY, my engineer, being like, that’s the one.

The first time I played it for 2 Chainz was at the “Spend It (Remix)” video shoot. I think that was early January. He was fuckin’ with it. I sent it to Meek. He was fuckin’ with it. They wanted the record for themselves, which was a good sign. I was like, You guys make a lot of records, I only make a couple, so you can let me have this one.

I felt like they were perfect for the record. Two people having their moments, about to have their moments, been waiting on their moments. Big Sean was supposed to be on that record as well, but he didn’t make. It makes perfect sense to me as it is right now.

2. "Never Die" featuring Jadakiss, Cee Lo Green, Nipsey Hussle & Young Jeezy (Prod. by Cardiak)

1x1 copy 3

It started out with the beat. Cardiak gave me about four or five beats to listen to. [Then] I took that beat, had a couple different people write hooks to it; Verse Simmonds wrote the hook, and he actually does background vocals on it.

I had ran into Cee Lo about this time last year, and we exchanged new contacts. I’ve known him for years. I wanted him to be a part of the project, and I sent him that beat with Verse’s hook on it—he loved it.

Jada did his verse around the time we did our mixtape together. I sent it to Nipsey; I love Nipsey, I definitely wanted to put him on something. We’ve never done a project together—yet. We still have time to get to it.

Verse Simmonds is Bu Thiam’s artist, and Bu had been hearing the record and was telling me, Yo, you need to give it to Jeezy. I was like, Man, I donno if I’ma give this record up. He kept telling Jeezy about the record, so we were in the studio one night, and he was like, Play it for Jeezy. Jeezy was like, How you gonna do a record called “Real Niggas Never Die” without me on it? I was like, Let’s go!

1. "Goin' Down" featuring Fabolous, T-Pain and Yo Gotti (Prod. by Boi-1da)

1x1 copy 2

I kinda felt like I wanted to do an intro for the album. I was actually in virgina, and when I got to Virginia, somebody that picked us up was playing Cocaine 3 or 4 that I had hosted. It was whatever Cocaine Music we had did after I got raided, and in the song, Gotti was kinda talking to me on the record. I was like, Damn, that’s what I gotta do on the intro.

I called Gotti and was like, I want you to do the intro on my album; I hadn’t had a record with him. He was with it. I just had to find him the record.

Me and T-Pain had been in the studio recently working on a project together. I had actually sent him a different record, and I told him I’m looking for an intro. He played me a couple records that he had hooks on already. “Goin Down’” happened to be one of them, and I was like, That’s it.

I took the record. I already had another Boi-1da beat on the album, and I called Boi-1da like, Yo, I got this other record I wanna use. So I sent it to him. He told me that Meek had that beat for his album, so we was like, Lemme go back in and recreate it.

Fab is very picky when it comes to records. I sent him a bunch of records; he liked some of them. I was like, I’m almost done with my album, it’s Quality Street Music, I told myself I’m gonna send one more. I really don’t wanna do an album called Quality Street Music without Fab, so lemme give it a shot. Let me send it to him and see what he thinks. He was like, Yeah, I like this one.

To have Yo Gotti and Fab on the intro—[they are] two people that have been very influential in my career and what I have considered what Quality Street Music is. It made perfect sense.

DJ Drama Explains Quality Street Music Track by Track

dj drama feature

Earlier this week, DJ Drama dropped his fourth album, Quality Street Music. As he's done in the past, the game-changing mixtape DJ brought together some of the most recognized rappers and producers for is latest retail effort. "This is probably the most hands on I’ve been with the majority of the album," he told XXLMag.com. "Most of the records were pretty much hand-crafted—it’s not a compilation as [much as] it is something I pieced together." How, excactly, is a DJ Drama album pieced together? Read on to find out. —Adam Fleischer @AdamXXL