Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are both divas in their own right. So, it shouldn't surprise anybody that footage leaked of the two artists and fellow American Idol judges having a shouting match, which allegedly including Nicki warning Carey: "I'm gonna knock you out." Throughout the drama, XXL couldn't help but notice that country singer Keith Urban was caught in the middle of the outspoken women. Having said that, XXL took liberty to dream up what cool Keith was thinking during the meltdown.


"Wow…shit like this just never happens in country music!"

American 3

"I wonder who would win in a fight..."


"Nicole Kidman would whoop both of these girls’ asses."


"Randy…hold me."


"This would make for a great remix to “I Told You So,” my hit single back in 2007. Idol producers didn't listen to me."