Who Can Have a Stronger First-Week Sales than Kreayshawn?

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    Who Can Have a Stronger First-Week Sales than Kreayshawn?
    The numbers are in for Kreayshawn's first week sales of her debut album, <em>Somethin' Bout Kreay</em> and results are disappointing. The Bay Area femcee who scored a viral hit in 2011 with her "Gucci Gucci" single, failed to capitalize on her once stirring buzz as she landed at No. 104 on the <em>Billboard</em> 200 charts with a mere 3,900 copies sold. Ouch. The low-sales will have Columbia Records—who placed a hefty investment in the pint-sized rapper—and Kreay scrambling to make something out of nothing in the next few weeks. But as of now, the numbers don't lie. The album wasn't what Kreay or the label has expected (at least, that's the guess). In fact, <em>XXL</em> thought of some other projects that could've sold more. See them here... —<em>XXL</em> (<a href="http://twitter.com/xxl">@XXL</a>)
  • gucci-mane-v-nasty-baytl1
    A Re-Release of <em>BAYTL</em> with Two New Bonus Tracks
    Fact is that V-Nasty and Gucci Mane's tepidly received collaborative project, <em>BAYTL</em> sold more than Kreay's debut with 4,449 copies moved on its first week. We're sure any form of a re-release would render the same results. So, put something out. At least, people still care for Gucci. Sometimes. Occasionally. No?
  • Tony Danza Rapper
    Tony Danza's Rap Album
    With his ode to the greats from Brooklyn as the first single, Tony Danza, should consider a late, career-option reconsideration. Off the strength of <em>Taxi</em> and <em>Who's the Boss?</em>, he still has a fan base. And with a guest verse from Tupac (they were pen pals)? Forget about it.
  • Tall Russian Album
    Brooklyn Nets' Owner Mikhail Prokhorov's Solo Album
    If Jay-Z's ghostwriting all the verses, with a Kanye beat here and there, the album would draw more interest than...you see where we're going with this. First single, "Can't Knock the Nickel," followed by "Dead Tsars 2."
  • French Montana's Bear Hoody
    French Montana's Bear Hoody
    Frenchie's bear hoody is a star, we're sure an album from him and his fellow Yellowstone natives would fair well on the charts. Of course, with French on the ad-libs and Charlie Rock on the hooks.
  • Shaheem Reid Speaks
    Shaheem Reid Speaks on <em>Rich Forever</em>
    Of all the featured guests and block-booming tracks on Rick Ross' lauded mixtape <em>Rich Forever</em>, one track that proved to be a gem was <em>XXL</em>'s Editor-at-Large, Shaheem Reid's guest appearance on the mixtape closer. Though it was only, and literally, an interview with the Bawse, Reid's "So 2012, we gon' start the year off right..." has become synonymous with the ending of "Stay Schemin'" for a lot of folks. How's that for a buzz?
  • Riff Raff Podcast
    A Podcast Starring Riff Raff
    The highly eccentric rapper's podcast would surely sell big off absurdity alone. Heck, if his <em>Sway In the Morning</em> freestyle somehow becomes a part of it, the returns would be endless.
  • Pooch Hall
    Pooch Hall's Rap Debut
    The actor known for his role on <em>The Game</em>, and <em>Jumping the Broom</em>, displayed his freestyle capabilities on <em>106 & Park</em> with dubious responses. But it wasn't odd enough to secure a crowd ovation, which makes <em>XXL</em> think that he might have a chance to sell more 5,000 copies.
  • Kwayzar Rapper
    Kwayzar the Rapper's Mixtape
    The 83-year-old YouTube sensation isn't senile, or does he have an erectile dysfunction. He's healthy, he loves women, and is ready to rap about it! Don't sleep on the senior-citizen market either, <em>AARP The Magazine</em> has the highest number of subscription in America. That's a lot of senior citizen homes for Kwayzar to go on tour.
  • Kanye West Sex Tape Soundtrack
    Hey, if Sex.com is willing to put up five milli for this unreleased tape, anything is possible.
  • Joe Biden Audio Tape
    Joe Biden's Audio Tape
    Joe Biden keeps it G. The Vice President of the United States' disses against the GOP over sinister Alchemist production, mixed by DJ Enuff, sounds about right.
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