With his DJ Holiday-hosted new mixtape Million Dollar Man, Shawty Lo declared himself the Ted DiBiase of hip-hop. XXL took its popular in-book feature Doin' Lines online and had Shawty fill in the blanks using song titles from his latest mixtape.

1. I'd be in jail if the cops ever found out that I SOLD that "Dat White Girl."

2. Only thing I like better than "New Money" is OLD MONEY.

3. The current "MVP" of the rap game is SHAWTY LO.

4. One thing I have in common with “Chris Angel” is I DO MAGIC TRICKS.

5. The worst part about being the "Talk of the Town" is HATERS.

6. The qualities of a "Boss B*tch" are FACE, SHAPE, and SIZE.

7. If you wanna know "Wats Goin On Wit Lo" you should LISTEN TO MILLION DOLLAR MAN.

8. I've been in the rap game a while but MEETING FANS will always feel "New 2 Me."

9. The "Best Bullshit" I've ever heard in the music industry is THE SOUTH CAN’T RAP.

10. If you want to see ATL's next biggest star, you should pay "Attention" to JAI JAI.

11. There are "No Secrets" between me and MY GIRL.

12. When you say "Vampire Life," I think of LATE NIGHTS.

13. SHAWTY LO is the rapper who can bring "Dope Boyz Back" to the top of the game.

14. If my team can accomplish STAY FOCUSED, SUPPORT EACH OTHER and BELIEVE "We On Dis Year!"

15. My biggest "WTF" moment was when THEY CANCELLED THE DIRTY AWARDS! —Calvin Stovall (@CalvinStovall)