CyHi The Prynce Talks G.O.O.D. Criticism, ‘Cruel Summer’ and ‘The Hardway Musical’

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    CyHi The Prynce Talks G.O.O.D. Criticism, <em>Cruel Summer</em> and <em>The Hardway Musical</em>
    “I could be the sixth man of the year coming off the bench for the Lakers versus being the starter for the Bobcats,” explains G.O.O.D. Music’s CyHi The Prynce to <em>XXL</em> about the doubt-filled comments that’s been whispered about his stance with the team.  “People don’t understand [that] I’m on like a real team.” Since being crowned "The Prynce" by Kanye West two years ago, signing the burgeoning witty rhyme slinger to his G.O.O.D. fold after watching his video for “Studda” (off Cy’s <em>What Da Dec Been Missin Vol. 2</em> mixtape), the ATLien has endured his fair share of criticism regarding his somewhat inconspicuous presence on the team. But that talk doesn’t faze however, and quite frankly he just doesn’t care.<br /><br />Releasing a number of well-received efforts in mixtape releases <em>Royal Flush</em> (1 & 2), <em>Jack Of All Trades</em> and <em>Ivy League Club</em>, not to mention his Beyonce applauded “So Appalled” verse on Mr. West’s <em>My Beautiful Dark Twisted</em>, Cy is on to bigger things. That of which includes his G.O.O.D. contribution on his clique’s <em>Cruel Summer</em> compilation as well as working alongside Mr. West for his forthcoming <em>The Hardway Musical </em>debut. Speaking to <em>XXL</em> about the work on the album, criticism and more, it’s clear that everything with Prynce CyHi is still all-good. No pun intended. —<em>Ralph Bristout</em> (<a href="">@XXLRalph</a>)
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    Feeling On <em>Cruel Summer</em> Release, Response To Album Leak
    <strong>CyHi The Prynce</strong>: "It [feels] like my debut album. It’s crazy ’cause I was there during most of the album. Like the creative process and you know, we started from scratch until now. So it’s like to see your girlfriend who’s pregnant have your daughter or son [Laughs]. You go through nine months just to see this day you know what I’m saying. <br /><br />"People don’t understand that the leak, for us, gives it more anticipation. Our following is really like a cult following so, with ’Ye he does things with the booklets, the artwork on the album and different things that fans want to be able to have. So it’s all good man."
  • Raekwon
    Recording “The Morning” With Raekwon and Kanye Putting Him On Raw Rap Records
    <strong>CyHi</strong>: “I have more records that we had samples on that couldn’t make the cut [due] to the samples. But, I got like a lot of records with legends that I never thought I’d be on a record with. On that particular record, it’s crazy because ’Ye likes to put me on the hip-hop, rap shit. Like 'So Appalled.' I’m from Atlanta and people always forget that because I’m so “lyrical” but that’s what I like to display because it’s almost my own lane. It ain’t like Andre 3000 is finna come out the house too much [laughs]. So I can kind of really make this my own, my style and my direction. That’s the music I enjoy doing more.<br /><br /> "Shout out to Jagged Edge, Raekwon used to be cool with them [back in the day] and every time he came to Atlanta, he used to come to their studio. He used to be on the East Side. I used to see him but I was a young dude, he probably didn’t know who I was. I even did a record with him but somebody [else] put me on the record so, I never got the chance to really meet him. Then I met him during My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy and really got to introduce myself now, I’m really just on a record with him. I be feeling like—I’m doing records with like legends [here for example with] the Chef, I got history. If the world was to blow up today, and we had one book to document music, I’m in it [laughs].”
  • Criticism About Stance With G.O.O.D. Music
    Criticism About Stance With G.O.O.D. Music
    <strong>CyHi</strong>: "People don’t know that Sean was signed for five years before he popped. He was there for five years, I’ve been signed for two years. People don’t really get it because I can really rap. So, they expect me to be this, this, this and the third, but at the end of the day it’s not just ‘Ye, it’s Def Jam too, and Def Jam got artists—like, okay, we got 2 Chainz on the roster, we got Pusha T, we got Big Sean—these are guys that have already put out gold, platinum selling albums. Like I said, Kobe didn’t start his first year—Eddie Jones started [laughs] and when they couldn’t win it with Eddie Jones then, you know, Kobe came off the bench and just took over.<br /><br /> "This is my second year—this is my sophomore season. Everybody don’t just come in and ball out. The Lakers or the Miami Heat drafted me where there’s already LeBron and D. Wade on the team. If I got to the Bobcats, I’m the starting shooting guard [laughs]. So, people don’t understand—but I’m cool. As long as I get my ring and my check, I’m good [laughs]."
  • G.O.O.D. Deal
    Fan Expectations After Inking Deal With G.O.O.D. Music
    <strong>CyHi</strong>: "I like that [people have high expectations of me]. I like the anticipation and it puts pressure on ’Ye too—like, ‘Ye be knowin’ that. He knows that. But its like—Def Jam is saying, “Okay, we need 2 Chainz right here because we’re trying to push his album so we can set up another one.” That’s the business side, but me, I’m more of a lyrical guy. I’m younger than most of them, Sean is the youngest. At the end of the day, I’m just workin’, man, its all good. I keep putting out good products and sooner or later we’re gonna have an album and, you know, we’re gonna put it all together."
  • Comparing Cruel Summer Recording Sessions With MBDTF
    Comparing <em>Cruel Summer</em> Recording Sessions With MBDTF
    <strong>CyHi</strong>:"’Ye’s really secretive—so, so he likes to keep things under wraps. There wasn’t any tweeting, no Instagraming—he doesn’t like any of that. He likes the element of surprise. <br /><br />"There was a set amount of producers and artists that were there throughout the whole thing. Then, everybody came in segments. So it was just something where—it was me, 2 Chainz, Teyana, Common, Cudi—we all in there together then it was me, ’Ye, Sean, Jay—but we’re all just kinda piecing together this puzzle, you know what I mean. Then when we were in New York, there were a few sessions where all of us were in there and we were all just vibin’ out and there were producers in so many rooms—we got Mike WiLL Made It in one room, Justin Bieber in the other room, you got Mike Dean doing something in one room and you got Jay-Z downstairs, Miguel right here. So, it was like so many different rooms that were just working on one project—almost one song."[Nothing] was emailed together. A lot of people be emailing albums, ’Ye don’t like that, ‘cause ‘Ye will tell you to take the drums off, take the damn snare off and everything [laughs]. He wants you to come there and really critique the record; really make the record as big as it can be."
  • Kanye studio
    Working With Kanye, Creative Process In the Studio
    <strong>CyHi</strong>: “It’s just been a hell of a ride just being around [him]. I learned a lot from him. Being able to learn and see how records are put together, like I’m into producing my own records now. I’m not just taking records, if I like the record [or] if I don’t like something in it, I don’t just wipe it out. I just [tell the producers to] go revamp it this or I send it to one of my other partners and have him play something on it—just to make the record as big as it could be.<br /><br />"One thing about ‘Ye [when he’s in the studio]—He’s never satisfied. When I was in there I was like, '’Ye, you really trippin’. That sound is not even noticeable.' [Laughs.] Like it may be some, 'Tink…Tink…' and I gotta be like, '’Ye, for real? Come on, ‘Ye. No one even hears it.' But, when you see him take it out and supplement another sound in it and you see where he got it from, then he’ll look at me like, 'See, this what I’m talking about,' and I be like, 'Okay, you got me. Aight.' He knows how to appease the urban community—the inner city—to the pop culture, to the fashion to people like how he threw the Jamaican dude on 'Mercy.' He makes [these records] sound like something you’ve never heard before.”
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    Competition With G.O.O.D. Crew, Skills As A Lyricist
    <strong>CyHi</strong>: “We don’t see the competition but ‘Ye do. Like, ‘Ye enjoys it—he enjoys to hear a verse. He’ll come like, 'Okay 2 Chainz next, let’s hear 2 Chainz—Ohhh! 2 Chainz killed it. Okay, let’s hear—Big Sean just killed it! Common just killed it! Ahhhh!' He’ll be in his own little world, he likes to see the niggas he got around him like, 'Yo I got some dope niggas.' ’Cause he does so much now—so much fashion and art and stuff like that—he likes to see us do our thing too. ‘Ye is not a hater—at all.<br /><br /> "[He motivates us to go even harder]. Then he’ll call you and be like, 'Ol’ boy just sent this [crazy] verse,' so we’ll write verses over. We write three or four verses a song. That’s how we do to perfect that shit.<br /><br /> "I like rapping so it’s nothing to me. Like, the verses that the people are hearing—they don’t know that I’m capable of being in a cipher with your favorite rapper ever. He might end up stopping before me, People don’t [understand] that I really got bars. ‘Ye might have to tell me to cut my verse short, ‘cause I have bars. I grew up doing that and I like it. So, it’s cool. I can write a thousand verses."
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    The <em>Hardway Musical</em> and <em>Royal Flush 3</em>
    <strong>CyHi</strong>:“We’re just now starting [with <em>The Hardway Musical</em>. I’m gathering different producers and who I want to work with now. ’Ye gave me a couple tracks too, so— we’re just now starting. It’s in the infant stages, I mean the fetus stages of it.<br /><br /> "I’m working on [<em>Royal Flush 3</em>] right now. I’m doing <em>Ivy League Homecoming</em> first, and then I’m doing <em>Royal Flush 3</em>. I like my <em>Royal Flush</em>es to be real wintertime music so I can really give them that hip-hop.”

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