Bust a Cap: Drake Walks by Chris Brown at VMAs

This snapshot of Drake walking by Chris Brown—after their noted bottle-throwing brawl at New York City’s W.i.P nightclub back in June—definitely turned heads at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Take a close look at this picture and give us your best caption. The winner will receive something dope from the XXL office.—Mark Lelinwalla

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  • jonny

    chris brown: he dont want none

    Drake: damn i gotta walk up here alone

  • Trippy Wigga

    Chris Brown: Yaaa I see you nigga.
    Drake: *says to himself, “Act cool, act cool, act cool.”

  • Eugene

    Chris Brown: Drake….
    Drake: ….Chris

  • BReal

    Chris Brown: Yeah, yeah, that shit look like a toupee
    I get what you get in ten years, in two days…

    Drake: I’m the fuckin man, you don’t get it do ya? We don’t dress alike, we don’t rap alike I shine different, I rhyme different, Only thing you got is some years on me

    Man fuck you and your time difference!

  • Joel

    Chris: Damn its hard to look tough with this blue hair.
    Drake: Damn its hard to look tough when my speech is about being a black jew.

  • Fene559

    Chris Brown: Yea..I SEE You
    Drake: I Dont want to SEE you

  • Calvin Morley

    Take Care Bitch.

  • Calvin Morley

    Drake: Take Care Bitch.

  • js

    Akon: I heard drake fucked Rhianna
    Drake: Haters gon hate

  • ariel

    Drake: YOLO

  • Cedrick

    Drake: does this dude have blueberry icee on his head?

  • http://twitter.com/Way_Too_Cold David Latin

    akon lil brother buu not akon then you got zoe zadana from Columbiana movie. Chris Brown: Turn up the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drizzy: No No No No No No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • theycallmerayj

    Chris: Damn Drake that shirt looks a little tight.
    Drake: Yeah I know right, I got it from Rhianna. YOLO

  • 1time

    damn, that bottle of Alize fu#$^ his hair up!!!

  • Big Toe

    Chris: Dammmm, didn’t know “Affliction” clothing was hip hop. Oh wait your an R&B singer just like me. Nice deep v!
    Drake: Sh#@ at least the probation office doesn’t make me sit with white people bitch!

  • aisaac6

    Drake and Chris Brown- Holy shit Akon is still alive?!?!

    • Imani

      That is not akon it’s his brother

  • yaboyyoungbe

    Akon: Aye chris isnt that…
    Chris: yea I know, he still a B!$@#
    Drake: (Thinking) Just keep lookin forward..

  • Jino

    Chris thinking to himself *He better not say shit…dont do it…Drake.I’ll embarass your ass

    Drake thinking to himself * I dont see this nigga…keep it movin Drake…keep it movin*

  • http://www.facebook.com/ramon.sendejas Ramon Sendejas

    **Drake whispering to himself** “sticks and stones can break my bone…”
    Chris: ….”oh…..you know you done’ fucked up right?….”

  • JohnQ

    It’s an oh shit moment! Chris brown is hopen Drake, don’t throw another bottle at him. Drake sees him out of his peripheal view and sayen to himself fuckem!!! I’m better than him.

  • thetruth

    Drake: This nigga Akon Black as hell………
    Chris Brown: this Nigga Akon Black as hell………..

    • Emoney

      Actually thats Akon brother his name is Boo

    • damu

      Thats not AKON,Thats Bu (his brother)!

  • thetruth

    Chris: This Muddasucka
    Drake: I was Just Recycling!

  • thetruth

    Chris: look at that ass, akon
    Drake: Someone take a picture of Eraserhead looking at my ass

  • thetruth

    damn i got to much fuckin time on my hands, i need to get a job

  • JWill

    Thats not Akon, thats his brother for the love of god.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nicole-Marie/100002939447680 Nicole Marie

    Chris Brown: I will beat this nigga like I did our bitch
    Drake: He will be my ass like im some kind of bitch

  • disqus_jkQQKMxrQv

    Chris: I wish this motherfucker would

    Drake: Where the hell is my body gaurd


    Chris Brown: THIS PUSSY!!!
    Drake: Wish Meek Mills were here…geez the tension

  • slik rik the qwik fix

    Chris “bitch ass bottle throwing tight ass sweater wearing muttha focker mad cause you could n’t beat it up like me”. akon “:i smell i smell pussy!!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tahj-Hakeem-Daniels/616029806 Tahj Hakeem Daniels

    Chris Brown: Are those Beagle Boy Jeans you’re wearing?
    Drake: Hell no, bitch you know that is P.O.L.O..

  • Truth

    Drake’s shirt matches a mood ring while Chris Brown’s suit matches his hair…Now drink to that straight from the bottle…pun intended.

  • James

    Boo: Doesn’t he seem pretty….
    Chris Brown: Um Hmm, yea i see him….
    Drake: (Ha. I don’t see this dude anywhere)

  • ccc

    Chris : MUST…..NOT….. THROW….BOTTLE

  • too nice

    Drake: Look at that boi head screams out hit me with a bottle please.
    Chris Brown: Why he wearing his moms top and eye liner…… and he says he hard smh

  • James

    Boo: Hey Chris look at…
    Chris Brezzy: I see this clown, i’m about to..
    Drake: (suddenly cartoon gulps loudly)

  • Rique G

    Drake: I hope Wayne got my back.
    Chris: He Lucky I got this suit on.

  • ZacWayne

    Drake: that “I don’t like” diss was very uncalled for
    Chris: that’s why Lil Wayne put my voice on D4

  • Sokilla88

    Drake: I hope this nigga dnt sucker punch me keep it movin
    Chris Brown: Did aubrey just fart in my face

  • Ellis

    Drake: Keep walking Drake… He won’t notice you.. Weezy where are you?
    Chris Brown: Thats right bitch, keep walking

  • 18BennyBlanco

    Chris Brown: have you seen what i did to Rihanna’s face
    Drake: Have you seen what i did to her pussy..

  • Ejae the favor8

    Drake: Shit I hope he ain’t lOokin at my shirt .

    Chris : this nigga wearing a extra semedium.. Shirt lOokin like a fake Jew tony Montana ill kick hs nigga Ass I wish he would.

  • deez

    “i bet stupid some ass magazine intern from xxl will post this even though neither of us really care about the other….”

  • deez

    “i hope he doesn’t tell everyone we slept together in his thank yous”…

  • deez

    “is he flirting?”

  • deez

    “girl you ain’t spanish, that’s hawaiian silky”

  • FlookaMane615

    Chris brown (damn, i was gonna wear that shirt.)

  • deez

    “would either of us have been considered black in apartheid south africa?”

  • deez

    “this dude was so shook he sent sisqo as a stand-in…SMH”

  • deez

    “no homo my g, but u gotta fatty”…

  • voidyoidyoid

    both: fuck! he knows i wore this same outfit at burning man!

  • voidyoidyoid

    drake: listen to your friend billy zane. he’s a cool dude.
    chris brown: Me and my friends have been too busy sunbathing off the southern coast of St. Barts with spider monkeys for the past two weeks. Tripping on acid changed our whole perspective on shit.

  • TrillxxAssxxSlim

    Drake: “Looks like Chris’ barber spilled a blue berry ICEE on his head no lieee no lieee no lieeeee”
    Chris: *looking at Drake* “Ayeeeee it’s Sid from Ice Age”

  • tonytonytony

    Drake: His blue hair looks dumb as hell
    Chris Brown: His blue blouse looks dumb as hell

  • wally

    Chris: This nigga really has the nerve to walk pass me, like nothing happened

    Drake;this nigga wont do a thing to me, we at th awards. so ima keep walking like nothing happened.

  • Solo

    Chris Brown : Ole Craig David lookin ass…
    Drake : “I met this girl on monday..Took her for a drink of tuesday…We were making love by wednesday & on thursday & friday & saturday then chilled on sunday”

  • freegak

    Chris brown: “I ingore this clown”
    Drake: “I ignore your clown head too, nigga”

  • atm

    drake: i fucked the love of your life
    chris: bottle throwin ass nigga

  • atm

    That is not Akon that is his slightly lighter brother whose is Chris’s manager

  • that dude

    Drake: If I don’t look at him, he can’t see me. Im…………..invisible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ramon.sendejas Ramon Sendejas

    Chris Brown: Nigga….whats.. the deal…
    Drake: why does Chris Browns shadow have a white shirt on…

  • frmTO

    Is it me or does Chris look like Dennis Rodman and Drake looks bitter because Chris won’t call him anymore?

  • Adi

    Drake : Damn, Zoe Saldana is fine. She look like RiRi too!
    Brown: I hope I don’t get my other eye gashed over Zoe.

  • MiracleofDVC

    Drake: This nigga going behind my back and hoping on Weezy’s mixtape giving him a shout out when I wasn’t even featured.. (sniffle sniffle) Hold in the tears Drizzy, Just remember Pac says “Keep Ya Head Up”
    Chris Brown: Awkwwwwarrrd…

  • Trey

    Drake: Man that nigga ain’t even worth looking at he sitting there while im getting awards lmfao.
    Chris Brown: Man i wish we weren’t in this place, I hope he looks at me wrong, i ain’t clapping for this nigga.

  • Muppet

    you don’t send me flowwwers….anymore..

  • Muppet

    drake: Pelvis forward, chin up, inhale…now strut, strut, strut, fu*& i’m not swinging my arm enough
    CB: I like Blue gum

  • IvanDrago

    CBrown: He know I can kick his ass….

    Drake: Errrday Errrday Errrday Errrday Errrday Errrday Errrday Errrday Errrday

  • DPC

    Guy with red tie: these niggas might start throwing bottles better brace myself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kylejwp Kyle James Wilson Pollack

    Chris Brown: Damn I can’t hate, this nigga rockin that shirt good.

  • FI$HNIP$

    Since when did the Geico Caveman begin rapping?

  • Nick

    Drake: Damn chris that hair? blame it on the alcohol!

  • Caption

    Drake’s shirt matches a mood ring while Chris Brown’s hair matches his hair. Now drink to that straight from the bottle…pun intended!

  • http://twitter.com/BigMeezyMyNeezy Mike Carpenter

    Akon: “I Hope Chris don’t find out about that time me and Drizzy double smashed RiRi…”
    Chris Brown: “This nigga had the nerve to wear the same color shirt as my hair…..If only I had a bottle…..”
    Drake: “Awwwwwkwardddd…..If i don’t look at them they won’t see me…….”

  • trex

    drake : nice hair
    chris brown : Y.O.L.O

  • boiboi

    Drake: OH S*** he’s looking at me! I knew the shirt would finally catch his attention. Tonights the night xoxoxo

  • boiboi

    Drake: HMMPH! At least MY s**** Matches!!

  • boiboi

    Drake: *HEad High, Arms Swinging* I think thats how weezy taught me

  • magicwrdplay

    Drake: (Richard Pryor mode) thats right I´m bad yea I’m bad I’m bad, you don’t want no shit either!!!
    Chris Brown: (Richard Pryor mode 1minute later) what the hell´s wrong with him!!!
    Akon brother: where a bottle when you need one!
    Thandie Newton: oooh no he didn’t!!!
    Guy on top of Akon brother: I must say his shirt sure does look fit for the occasion
    Guy on top of Christ Brown: Don’t vote for Pedro!!!

  • pwills20

    Drake: it looks likes ten smurfs nutted in your hair!
    Chris brown:hairy eyebrows and a jimi hendricx 1970′s shirt ?

    • Tone2324

      after reading pwills i stopped writin funny shit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/devon.cole.54 Devon Cole

    Drake: here goes nothing Y.O.L.O
    CB: yea, youre only live once after tonight

  • http://twitter.com/501_Gang ☁✈D.O.P.E✈☁

    Drake: mf muffin cap back blue…
    Chris: Faded ass shirt no shavin ass nappy canada dry mf…


    white dude who owns XXL: “i’m making so much money off of black people and their violence”

    • sabroso

      wats ur point??

      • dodoobrown

        uh – duh. that should be the caption. idiot.

    • damu

      You are an idiot… You’re on the site supporting it!!

  • Jorge Campos

    the brotha right next to him:look who is passing by…
    chirs brown:all shit the candian nigga ,i better look down..
    drake:thats right bitch better look down ….

  • Amario

    Drake: i wish this nigga would say something!! …imma have to throw another…gawddamn we at the vma’s i forgot….just keep walkin act like you dont see him

    Chris Brown: Who does this nigga think he is walkin through my section? this time yo bitch ass better throw a punch instead of rosé…bitch ass nigga

    Akon: i am so rich nigga hahahaha


  • the Boogster

    Drake: Just act like your back in that wheelchair…..
    Chris Brown: I’ll moonwalk all off in his ass if he look at me now…
    Boo: And we bout it eryday eryday eryday that wigga lookin like a bitch anyway so whats up…..

  • http://twitter.com/juvaan1034 juvaan waight

    drake was probably like imma pretend like the nigga aint even there

  • http://www.facebook.com/lewis.gilfillan Lewis Cmw Gilly

    both of them are pussies ice cube and 50 cent will kick all of the fake ass rappers ass

  • Muhni

    Drake: Look at me Now!

  • Ailton T.

    Chris Brown : This nigga be actin’ up
    Drake : And your hoe be lettin’ me

  • ASH

    Chris: “dat ass”

  • Mr Milkman

    Drake “God…I hope Chris likes my tight girls blouse and my ass in these little girls jeans.”
    Chris Brown “Dayam! Look at that ass…”

  • http://www.facebook.com/R1can Matthew Molina

    Drake: I WAS gon’ dap you up, but you talking to Akon… Wait hold up. Damn! That ain’t even Akon.

  • cmeds

    charlie murphy’s gonna have another funny ass story

  • Taylor Kusha

    Drake:is that Sisqo and keith david
    Chris Brown: better hope i dont see you in marvins room bitch

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000691348359 Cody James

    akon, the only one in this picture that hasn’t banged rihanna

  • Mac City

    Chris Brown- That bottle of hypnotic you threw at me still got my hair f’d up, don’t think this is over!
    -Mac city

  • kapow

    Chris: u lucky there aren’t any bottles around here
    Drake: I was thinkin the same thing

  • http://www.facebook.com/omar.a.orozcofigueroa Omar Alejandro Orozco Figueroa

    Drake- “sometimes i feel like, somebody’s watching meeeeeee!!!”
    Chris- “why she let A$ap Rocky grab the ass though?”
    Boo- “shit i sat here to see a yall niggas fight….well??????”

  • RAM

    the eyebrow raise

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chiq-Da-Boss/1373460018 Chiq Da Boss

    DRAKE: This shhh was all I knew
    Breezy: YOLO nigga, YOLO

  • drayen

    caption : look at me now

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.matthews.568 Mike Matthews

    Drake: This nigga stands up imma hit him with another bottle.
    Chris: hey boo (not Akon his brother) you think he got another bottle? cause if he do i don’t wanna take it to the head.
    Boo (Akon’s Brother): calm down nigga this ain’t the Source Awards.
    World: Drake is a bitch real men throw hands not bottles.
    World: Chris is a bitch hitting on women with his meteor man golden lords hair cut.

  • HeirZeno

    smfh these nigga’s just made it even harder for us Light Skinned nigga’s lol…. @Heirzeno

  • JordanNotDwyane

    Cocaine’s one hell of a drug.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dionpics Dion Tillmon

    Drake: I just going to ignore Breezy. Last time I confronted that bitch, I caught a couple of cases, lawsuits on my ass & almost went to jail. So I better keep my cool. I’m glad Meek Mill isn’t around.
    Akon: I’m waiting for that next Gaga record so I can buy a 2013 May-Bach.
    Chris: MTV still play music videos? I don’t have time for this crap.

  • bossmade310

    the blue on my christmas sweater way fresher then your pastel blue hair..now take it to take to the head…

  • AZTheVisuliza

    Drake: Chris Brown oh na na what’s my name. Oh na na? What’s my name?

  • mj

    Drake: Smell my fart boy. That is popeyes chicken 101, hot sauce and greasy.
    Chris brown: Dis fool smell like brown tee pee.

  • mj 2

    Chris brown: That dudes hair nappier than a cotton ball.
    Drake: Furby hair lookin ass.
    White guy behind chris: Did I finish my academic scholarship application from yale?
    White guy next to White guy: mhmhm mhhmm that boy mus be working out, im goin give him something to talk about.

  • Bold Love

    Now, Drake looks like “he is scared”. Now there are too many witnesses and obviously a camera on the scene. So, this is not a bold move. In fact it’s a bitch move, my nigga!

  • Fire Bird

    man if i had more time

  • http://twitter.com/DakidBoles Elijah Perrin

    Drake sing to his selfand thinking of rhinnina: fuck that ni**a that u luv so u still think of the times we had


    Chris Brown: “Look at dis nigga. yea, I’m waitin oon ya so I can check yo oil.Oh, he look like he been in the gym too! I awda try dis nigga, and check his heart. Better yet, just get up, and just slap the dog shit out his pussy ass right now.

    Drake:Man, “I hope dis dude don’t start nothin, If only I can just make it past him, ok just stay cool drizzy, act like he ain’t there hold it together, that’s it now look confident you been workin’ out awwwwwh yea…… home free. Whew!”

  • ash

    chris brown says-Them eyebrows YIKES…AINT NO BOTTLES TODAY NIGGA u look pussy.. scary ass nigga i got mind control over dis fuk boy i betchu he dont look my way immma run it wit dese hands on his ass
    DRAKE says- (Thinkin n head)Please don’t hit me toronto watching rihanna actually here i told her immma real man i can take care of her if he hit me she’ll kno im pussy…Jus keep walkin drake dont look chris’s way put on your deebo face eventho i feel like stanley

  • Mad_Twitter

    Drake: Maaann why we acting like a couple again
    Chris Brown: I’m just trying to get it straight

  • Donovan

    Chris: You Feeling Froggy….. Jump Nigga!!!!!!!
    Drake: WANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mthadon

    Dat ass

  • @TBarz365

    Drake: “Oooookaaaaay Just Look Ahead, Cant Let Him See Me Sweat… Dont Even Peak Over In His Direction……. DAMN! I Looked!!!…. Did He See Me?”

    Breezy: “Look At This Corny Ass Muhfucka With His ‘Three’s Company’ Sweater. Its Amazing How I Can Dye My Hair So Many Colors, And STILL Pull More Bitches Than Him… Akon, Watch When Rihanna Get Her Award, Ima Break This Nigga Heart!”

  • Ldashemmo

    damn i hope rihanna aint gimme some shit to turn my hair blue

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Smith/558071409 Adam Smith

    Drake: They only selling plastic bottles here. So, i can turn my head
    Chris: What else can i throw

  • Sal Monella

    How does my ass smell? I just crop-dusted your little bitch beating ass!

  • Edward

    Chris Brown – Did he just fart as he passed by.
    Chris Brown’s friend – Yep. On you.

    Drake- Damn, I just crapped my pants a little

    Chick to the left of Chris Brown – Did that boy just walk by and crap his pants? Vulgar.

  • Edward

    Chris Brown – Did he just fart as he passed by?
    Chris Brown’s friend – Yep. On you.

    Drake- Damn, I just crapped my pants a little

    Chick to the left of Chris Brown – Did that boy just walk by and crap his pants? Vulgar.

  • Spiridon

    chris: “my face is fixed bitch, look at me now” *chris brown voice
    drake: “oh shit he’s staring at me, its far from over” *drake voice

  • http://www.facebook.com/hateorlove.omari HateorLove Omari

    What they did’t show was at the pre show when Drake threw a bottle of bleach at Chris’s head and Chris threw a bottle of what appeard to be tie-dye on Drakes shirt

  • http://twitter.com/BAK_yn Brandyn Baker

    Drake: yeah i see you out my peripherals nigga (them eyebrows yikes)
    Chris: where the fuck that nigga goin (thats that shit i dont like)

    • whouis

      White boys can’t say nigga, bitch.

  • me5to

    chris brown: another round of spy vs spy
    Drake : watever chris no point asap rocky already done saueeze rihanas buttcheeks

  • http://www.facebook.com/roudyruf Mr’Never Nice

    Chris Brown said “that’s that shit I don’t like…drake walking fast cause he don’t want fight”