XXL Speculates on 50 Cent, Kanye West, Spike Lee, Mike Tyson and Bryant Gumble’s Conversations

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  • gumble spike yeezy 50 tyson
    Mike Tyson: "Hey Bryant, where's that reporter who called me a clown on <em>Real Sports</em>?"
  • spike kanye 50 gumble tyson
    Spike Lee: "Ladies and Gentleman, I'd like to introduce you to the cast of <em>The Hangover 3</em>."
  • kanye 50 tyson
    50 Cent: "Kanye, want to go head to head again on our next albums? <br /> Kanye: "Don't talk to me about record sales, I'll muthafuckin' embarrass you."
  • tyson spike 50 kanye
    Mike Tyson: "I'm seriously going to knock this guy out." <br /> Kanye: "Not now! I've finally found the perfect facial expression!"

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  • onenutned

    Benzino beat it you old washed up has been, I’m pretty sure Em has no plans on wasting his time talking to you homey, admit you were wrong and move on don’t you and stevie J got some whores to trick on or sumin?

  • Tru Talk

    Why is this even posted… This has to be the most irrelevant post of all time. Eminem could care less about this guy. Benzino has never once in his career (if you can call it that) been relevant. FUNNY

  • NYC

    EM will never speak with you.You spent 2 straight years trying to destroy his career,why the fuck should he ever talk with you?
    EM destroyed the little career you had and now you come back to kiss ass.Fuck you