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After a little break following his recap of the season premiere of Breaking Bad, VIzzy links back up with for a recap of last night's episode. Check back every Monday for the Warner Bros. signee's weekly BB recaps, download Popular Culture here, and listen to "Breaking Bad," from the June mixtape, below.

"Dead Freight"
by @XtotheV

Following a pretty calm, yet emotional episode featuring Skyler's swimming pool breakdown, this episode definitely picked things up to speed. I was worried that with only 3 episodes left in the season, things weren't moving fast enough. Ironically, after Walt declares "nothing stops this train", what do we get? A muthafuqqin' train! My Main Man Mike is in top form, and we get an incredibly intense, extensive heist scene before a very unexpected and tragic cliffhanger. It seems this episode finally got the train moving for this season.

Like I said earlier, the dialogue in "Breaking Bad" is always top notch, luring you in with each characters lines and great foreshadowing in every monologue. From last episode's "Nothing stops this train. Nothing" to Jesse telling the new guy, Todd, "Point is, no one other than us can know that this robbery went down." As an aspiring writer, this is always my favorite element. I also took it to Twitter for last night's episode and asked the #SQUARIANS for their favorite quotes. Check em':

Personal Favorite:
"It's all about weight, yo"

After Hank makes a comment about one of my favorite heist films of all time, the Michael Mann classic, "Heat," we get a great, small-scale train heist. Although I wish it wasn't so "modified to fit your television screen," but I'd be lying to say the scene didn't have my heart racing the entire time. The opening sequence is great also, showing a fearless kid riding his dirt bike through the desert.

As I've neglected to talk about the great interrogation scene we get from My Main Man Mike and Lydia near the beginning of the episode. This scene is long and forgotten after the continuous boring and dull Skyler and Walt court sessions in the living room. But as I stated, the train scene is the best of the season.