will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas has allegedly lost his $700,000, custom-made vehicle, after an outing in Hollywood. According to TMZ, the famed producer left the vehicle with the valet at the Bardot nightclub, but it was gone when he was attempting to retrieve it. TMZ first reported the incident, and followed up with will.i.am's publicist, Sallie Olmsted, who responded, "Everything is fine, he has his car."

The celebrity news website soon refuted Ms. Olmsted's claim as it noticed will.i.am's twitter status updates that said his car was still missing.

TMZ followed up once again with Ms. Olmsted for a clearer answer, but received a similar response.

The plot thickens as will.i.am tweeted a YouTube video of a masked man, who goes by willimnotation, with a manipulated voice stating, "Will I ain't, will you are, heard you're looking for your car. Did you look closer? Did you look far? Did you look in your cupboard? Did you look in a jar? Will I'm not, will you are, ha, ha, ha, I stole your car."

While will.i.am's Twitter has been flooded with mocking Twitter users teasing the producer that his car's found, will.i.am refused to use the help from the authority:

"Im not going to the police...spread the word via tweets in case I'm getting punk'd. I don't want to waste tax dollars on pranks #wheresmycar"

The searching continues.