Watch the Throne, A Year Later: By The Numbers

This week marks one year since the release of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s collaborative album, Watch the Throne. Before the actual release—digitally on August 8, 2011, and with physical copies on August 12, 2011—there was plenty of hype surrounding the project. And rightfully so. Hov and ‘Ye were (are) two of the game’s biggest and best; their track record together was nearly impeccable; their rollout for the project—or lack thereof, as they did no press leading up to the release and revolutionarily found a way to ensure the album would not leak—only served to build the suspense and anticipation. Once the album hit, few came away disappointed. Now, a year later, XXL takes a look back at some of the project’s impact, By The Numbers. —XXL Staff (@XXL)

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  • Shaun Arts

    Good interview.
    It is powerful to see Beans accept the power in his music & even though he is about to face some prison time, allow his humble state of thinking to surface. He did not complain or sound angry. Instead, a mature M.C. who remembers the meaning in music means everything.
    Stay strong.

  • H O L I D A E

    Free the homie beanie man, Fuck the Feds Fuck one time and fuck the NWO, You got love in AZ fam. Look for strapp’D clothing im trying to get it poppin but im a single dad cant get a job cuz iim a convict. Hold me down they labeld me a threat because i had a pill bottle thats what im charged with and some other bullshit that they know is bullshit. Its to time to take our street backs. ill be on front lines w pac much love B and fuck jay-z

  • D.Harmon

    If the internet was used the same way in the 90′s as it is since drake has been rapping Gay-Z and many more rappers would have doneFYI FUCK drake and gay-z.