Tone Trump created quite the splash with his nickname, The New Fresh Prince. But the rhyme slinger of Young Jeezy's CTE World isn't trying to slight Will Smith with the name. Instead he's paying homage to his fellow Philadelphia native. "Will is one of the dudes I look up to," Trump tells XXL. "He came from West Philly, a place were many Black males aren't given a chance to win and built a empire! He was always swagged up, with a beautiful wife, family and he's a trendsetter! Tone Trump — I'm the New Fresh Prince." In celebration of his The New Fresh Prince mixtape, which drops today, Tone talks to XXL to cast his own rappers, singers and even comedians for his own version of the Smith's hit show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.—Mark Lelinwalla


Young Jeezy as Uncle Phil

Uncle Phil got Will out the hood and showed him a new life. That's what Snow did for me! They both got big mansions too!


Jill Scott as Aunt Viv

Jilly from Philly gotta be my choice! They both strong Black Queens and hold down their families down!

Dj Jazzy

Freddie Gibbs as Jazz

Jeff's character didn't give a fuck! He was at the mansion doin' what he want, so I'm gonna pick Freddie Gibbs! Gangsta Gibbs don't care so he got this role easy! #ItsThaWorld!


Rihanna as Hilary Banks

I don't even need a reason to pick RiRi, but her and Hillary both swagged up, rich and love shopping!


Kanye West as Carlton

They both take fashion serious and don't care what nobody think! Plus 'Ye will have my ratings crazy!


Teyana Taylor as Ashley Banks

They both cuties and Teyanna's real cool...perfect for the lil' sis role!


Kevin Hart as Jeffrey

The butler was funny as shit in his own way and Kev's the funniest man on the planet right now!