nicki minaj eyes closed

"I need a minute."

nicki minaj hair

"You call that singing?"

nicki minaj crying face

"Beautiful performance."

nicki minaj face 5

"Please, don't come back. I assure you, my face is not supposed to look like this."

nicki minaj face 4

nicki minaj face 3

"Was I supposed to feel something during that performance?"

nick minaj face 2

"This is uncomfotable for both of us."

nicki minaj face

"Get off of the stage!"


Yesterday, it was reported that Nicki Minaj will be a judge on American Idol. Though nothing is for sure yet, it made us wonder how the animated MC would respond during the often-awful tryout performances. We've seen some great facial expressions from Nicki in the past, and more are sure to come with her new venture.