The Making of DJ Khaled’s “Hip Hop” Featuring Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier

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  • simpleTOM

    XL? really? this album is better than Currency & Prodigy’s most recent albums???? no……………..

  • that dude

    I listen to Jay Electronica and and I doubt they could pen anything close to the shit Nas comes up with. No disrespect towards them, but c’mon y’all be foreal. Lyrically Nas kills both Jay and Stic, if not how could you write some shit better than the shit you spit yoursel?? GTFOH,

    side bar: I know this comment is going to be deleted.

  • Hate Him Now

    Nah, Nas is rapping that Illmatic flow. Doubt Jay Electronica or Stic were around for that. Especially when DJ Premo and the rest of the producers said Nas wrote those songs in the studio onsight.

  • the G.O.D


    Yawnnnnnn! slow day at the office…yawn….(Response to ghostwriting nonsense)


  • MightyHealthy

    I remember on some Jay Electronica mixtape he explains the creative process behind Queens Get The Money and says Nas went away, wrote something and then hollad at Jay. At that point he had no reason to lie about shit. He could have evaded that question without raising any suspecion.

    All I know is that the guy who wrote this article points out that Nas had Jay Electronica write Queens Get The Money. Jay lectronica produced that track. Just as Stic produced a bulk of that album as well. Did Nas “borrow” some lines? Or even song ideas and suggestions for what direction to take? I don’t know. Maybe.

    But this smakcs of a smear campaigne. This is reinforced by the fact that it came p from the person who co-wrote Jay’s book when responding to an attack on Jay which compared him to Nas. If this turns out to be true, I think it’s the death of Nas’ career. It should. If you have people writing for you. . .and you’re Nas. That’s the end of you. But if it turns out that Jay and Stic helped Nas put his ideas together, it’s a different story.

    Stic Man didn’t deny this. Why would he? His name is popping off this. He didn’t confirm it either. He just said he helped Nas realise his vision for what he wanted to convey. I’d hope he did. He produced a lot of that damn album!!

    Ultimately, all we have is rumour and innuendo. That’s what makes me suspicious of the motives of the people who wrote his. Why hasn’t anyone come out and said straight up – Jay Z jacked Young Chris’ flow? That’s so patent. Jay Z has been jacking styles, sounds and swagga since Volume 2. I’ll give him Blueprint as well. But even then, we all know that Kanye made that album.

    I love Jay Z by the way. I think he’s very innovative in the way he “jacks.” More importantly, he has managed to have a huge impact on the industry. Some kid came out and said he wrote Lil Wayne’s shit. Yet no one seems to care.

    I genuinely think that people need to get off Jay Z’s dick. That’s what this is all about. People want to discredit Ns because that’s the only blemish on Jay Z’s record. He’ll never get that monkey off his back. Nas has always taken more risks, challenged his peers artistically and stuck to his guns. Now if we can make it seem like he was having his shit ghost written all along, it’s a wrap right? Jay becomes the undisputed champ. I would like to hear those reference tracks.

    • SupaSoulSista

      First off, thank you MightyHealthy! ["Why hasn’t anyone come out and said straight up – Jay Z jacked Young Chris’ flow? That’s so patent. Jay Z has been jacking styles, sounds and swagga since Volume 2.] IT’S TRUE!!!

      However, talented as other rappers are (by that I am talking about Jay right now) they have not publically had any kind of attention placed on other styles that were jacked to benefit their career or their ghost writers. #M.Bleek & others.

      Hampton’s bias is obvious to me. I just wish the reckless writing would cease. Why reveal some (if its true) & not other people’s aids. First, outing that Big Daddy Kane rumor now in a reply to Frank Ocean. She could have made her point without mentioning his name and/or alleged private business. Talk about being reckless writing ! Sheeesh!!!

      This is NO surprise coming off the heels of what some consider Nas’s best work. I can’t with these people…



    There are legends still around that is better than both of them. Dont get me wrong they are both legendary them selves but put are too quick to name them both the best and thats a load of shit and pure over hype.