Rick Ross & Pharrell Working on “Presidential” in The Studio

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  • Fridgy Renard

    People and their opinions smh.

  • that nigga

    This nigga is retarded. Seriously.


    Vice President of Creative Design for Lotus

    Designing for Aston Martin

    Swizz Beatz not only collects paintings but also paints on his own free time. He donates the money he earns from his paintings to the Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation

    In 2006 he became a partner involved in the popular clothing company Kidrobot, a creator and retailer of limited-edition art toys and clothing

    OK, IM GONNA STOP NOW AND JUST SAY Bangladesh is delusional and looks a little like HATE, not an opinion.

  • JD

    lol my mans has a few hits, Cash Money jerked him and then signed him, and he’s talking like that.

  • Haaaaaa

    What a clown! He’s had a few sprinkled hits in all his years of production thats no lie… but Swizz has impacted hip hop’s overall culture as a whole. Plus He’s a better producer. Bang lost when he let YMCMB rape him for his hits twice & then he sold his soul to them…lol…
    Yeah U made hits bruh lol…. that not even the labels paid 4.

  • Sc0rp10

    Your magazine and site have serious issues with consistency and knowledge. Your XXL rated review of Nas’ “Life Is Good” states “Though the Swizz Beatz-produced, “Summer on Smash” has potential to garner radio play, it feels out of place and is the disc’s only substandard moment.” Also Swizz did NOT produce the song for Slaughterhouse, he is the T-Pain like hook person. Your defense of Swizz is the EXACT point Bangladesh is making. Cameos, romantic partners, corporate alliances and hooks don’t make you a relevant producer.

  • harlem99

    dawg you a lame. u had couple lame ass beats for wayne, which you didnt get paid for, and now u think u can talk shit bout SwiZz? Swizz been relevent since 98 nucca, u still aint.