Rick Ross Flaunts Wealth in Las Vegas, Chills with Swizz Beatz & David Copperfield

It’s been a good year for Rick Ross. The Miami rapper’s latest album, God Forgives, I Don’t became a number-one album, with positive reviews garnering national attention. Plus, his endorsement deal with Reebok has made him more visible than ever. On the sumptuous footage above (with an intro still laced with classical music), Rick Ross and his posse travel to Las Vegas in lavish fashion, attending MAGIC trade show to help promote Reebok. During his stay, Rozay rents out a room that’s $45,000 per night, chills alongside Allen Iverson, Swizz Beatz, and Tyga, and then throws down a show that features Bun B and magician extraordinaire David Copperfield. Check out Rick Ross’s continuous pursuit of the high life above.

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  • guest

    Looks like fame can make some people crazy. Forty-five thousand dollars a night? How many hungry children could that feed? How many schools could money like that help? Have a good time guys. I still say money does not equal happiness or contentment.

  • Lawren

    i don’t think that it really matters how he spends his money bc it is just that “HIS MONEY”. Who’s anyone to say what someone should & shouldn’t do w/their finances. He has donated millions to different charities & even held different drives to create awareness for blood & his own charities. Ppl always say what they would & wouldn’t do if they had this & that, but you don’t knw until u do have that type of fame & wealth. Stop judging and do research 1st b4 u criticize what others do w/their own business!

  • guest

    I still say money does not equal happiness or contentment and forty-five thousand dollars a night IS crazy. You’re right it’s their money and I could care less what they do with it but it is still a crazy amount to pay for one night, at least from my viewpoint. God help the middle class folks.