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  • AtlDB

    T.R.U. !!!!

  • allhiphop

    This is a straight up lie. We all know that he never sold drugs or was a big kingpin. Your name and identity is from the real freeway rick. The picture of him as a correction officer looks like a normal worker, not a secret drug dealer. And if he had to work there why did he quit to sell dope. He would probably be safer and have a more balanced economy.

    Fucking liar.

    This dude is an embarrassment to black people. Rolling stone knew what they were doing when they let this idiot portray himself on their cover as a fukn baboon. black people have come so far and ppl like this character ruins it for us all…

  • ElberonDon

    Couldnt pass the test to tell the turth he couldnt fuck with math

  • Tru Talk

    He takes job to do something good but still acts gangsta and promotes negativity in his raps… FAKE MUTHA FU KA

  • HU

    He’s just as fake as any other rapper, he just got caught. The problem is, if a white man knocks on your day one with a check and asks you to play the role of a coon or sambo for the world to see you’ll do it. In a heartbeat you’ll have tattoos on your neck, pants at your knees, and a blunt in your mouth. For years I’ve carried the hope that things would change but after seeing rappers and their fans from Soulja Boy to Lil Wayne to Chief Keef I see that blacks have lost. It’s over. There is no hope for most of us.