"From Marcy to Hollywood and back again," decreed Jay-Z back in 1998 and now 14 years later, the Brooklyn rapper and music mogul has added extra flair to the famous phrase thanks to the soon-to-be-completed Brooklyn Nets arena. Since breaking ground in March 2010, Barclays Center—now home to the former New Jersey Nets—has been one of the most anticipated venues to hit NYC. If Brooklyn having it's own NBA franchise to claim, outside of the N.Y. Knicks, wasn't enough hype than it's also hometown hero, and Nets' minority owner, Hov's upcoming string of concerts that will kick off the arena's opening next month. Now 34 days and counting until the venue's opening—set to take place September 28th—many are wondering how far along is the arena from being completed. Taking a trip to BK's Atlantic Avenue—location of the venue— XXL went out to gather some flicks of the billion-dollar arena, as well as the neighborhood, to see just much progress has been made in preparation of Barclay Center's opening. Hello Brooklyn!Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

Barclays 1

Here's a view from the Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue side of the arena.

Barclays 2

Same side of the street and closer look at the covered logo.

Barclays 3

Going towards the corner of Flatbush and Atlantic, the front end of the arena seems to be the last step in completing the entire venue.

Barclays 4

Closer look.

Barclays 5

Another shot of Barclays Center's front end.

Barclays 6

Clearly construction is still going on; here's another shot from Atlantic Avenue.

Barclays 7

A closer look.

Barclays 8

Across from the arena is sporting goods store, Modell's. Take a close look at the banner.

Barclays 9

Coming soon.

Barclays 10

A view of the arena on Flatbush Avenue.

Barclays 11

A view from Sixth Avenue and Dean Street.

Barclays 12

A wider view.

Joe Johnson-barclays 13

A few of these billboards are scattered around the downtown area, including one of Nets' star PG Deron Williams. Here we have the newly acquired NBA All-Star Joe Johnson.


A closer look.

Barclays 15

An even closer look at the arena's front-end.


And of course, less than five minutes away is 560 State Street. Those that remember, Jay references this spot in his "Empire State of Mind" verse, "Took it to my stash spot, 560 State Street..." From the stash spot to the arena, Mr. Carter is winning.