Floyd Mayweather Says 50 Cent Will be Film Legend During Freelancers Movie Premiere

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  • oskino

    This guy went after Marshal for NO REASON AT ALL… and his BIASED, ASSHOLE, hands on approach at The Source caused Eminem & his Aftermath/Shady Label mates to get lower reviews for highly acclaimed albums. In the end, this Beef buried The Source & XXL stepped in to take over the hiphop mag scene. In the end, them shaking hands might be a good thing to put shit in the past… Eminem would be the bigger artist to do it. Eminem came outta this beef unscathed, meanwhile Benzino lost The Source, and nobody knows who the f*uck he is anymore!! lol… so it’s whatever!!

  • PGH412

    Pshh Benzino is still in that coffin that Marshall buried him in…fuckk outta here Benzino LMAO