Five Sports-Themed Inspired Hip-Hop Covers

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  • #A$AP Mob_Thumbnail
  • A$AP MOB_Lords Never Worry
    A$AP Mob, <em>Lords Never Worry</em> (2012)
    <img alt="" src="" title="A$AP_MOB" class="alignnone" width="400" height="400" />
  • XXL_Wu Tang (1)
    <em>XXL</em> Issue #19, October 2000
  • XXL_Wu Tang (2)
    <em>XXL</em> Issue #34, March 2002
  • Living Legends_Classic
    Living Legends, <em>Classic</em>
  • Boot Camp Clik_The Chosen Few
    Boot Camp Clik, <em>The Chosen Few</em>

A$AP Mob recently unveiled the cover for its upcoming album, Lord$ Never Worry. The group compilation, which drops tomorrow (August 28th), features an animated gif as the main artwork with torching flames burning up around the posse. Each member on the cover appears in a matching A$AP Mob baseball jersey, sporting a combatant look, cyphering around a baseball bat. While gif album covers aren’t common in hip-hop, applying sports-themed looks has been favored by rappers and publications in the past. With the look repeatedly reinvigorated, XXL takes a look at other album (and magazine) covers that are sports-themed inspired. Click through the slideshow above.

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