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  • acet

    the only XL thing about rozay is his shirt size

  • Hcabyam

    Rozay has been trying to force the gritty street records lately. It sounds unnatural and i expect more from officer rickys albums. Hold me back is garbage and sounds too simular to Actin Up. Leave the street shit to the self made albums cuz it goes well. Get back to the DTR vibe. Def gonna cop this album tho

  • King Chandler

    We all knew this shit was gonna get an XL months ago regardless of the material, XXL fuckin’ worships Rozay, same with RapRadar, they think he’s a hip-hop God and it’s mind boggling. There’s too may reasons to list why this rating is inaccurate but there is no way this deserves an XL in lyrics & originality, Rozay hasn’t spit a 16 in his career deserving of an XL rating, some of his shit is dope but he’s not lyrical, and what the fuck was original about this? XXL Mag is losing it’s credibility, not just with this shit either, I hope The Source takes over again. Nowadays they give out ratings based on buzz, for instance, I bet anything Meek gets an XL as well.

  • Damian Deluxe

    Hit me up pimpin…u came to hollywood and got some cowboy shirts from American vintage…my lady works,…lol….she was at the cash register…..come on pimp big thanks poppin let’s do a track..I’ll promote ur line too man..imam Hollywood,..Damian deluxe