It's been just over two months since Chris Brown and Drake engaged in a bottle tossing exchange at New York's WiP nightclub. Now, the two singers have been named defendants in a $16 million lawsuit. The suit, filed by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., states their respective entourages "fashioned deadly weapons out of whatever materials they could find, including glasses, alcohol bottles and furniture, thereby circumventing the nightclubs; extensive efforts to ensure a safe environment."

This isn't the first lawsuit to be filed in the wake of the brawl. NBA star Tony Parker filed a $20 million suit of his own last month against the nightclub owners after he was injured by flying glass as a result of the fight. Additionally, the club's owners filed a suit of their own against the city for "breach of contract," after the city suspended the club's liquor license, effectively shutting down the venue's operations.

Neither Chris Brown nor Drake have been charged with a crime since the incident took place on the night of June 14th. Stay tuned into for more updates on this developing story. — XXL Staff