DOOM, “Back Like That” [Online Exclusive Feature Story]

WORDS BOGAR ALONSO (@blacktiles)

The Voyager spacecraft carry golden records that contain the sights and sounds that best depict life, as we know it. If aliens were ever to receive them, it would be like cycling through a ‘70s version of Google. Had the spacecraft been launched today, one DOOM album might have done the job. And they certainly wouldn’t just listen to it once.

Hip-hop for all its glitter, capitalist tendencies, and militant roots, has been something of a musical Wikipedia. Not only do its lyrics circumnavigate the pop culture sphere, it presents our media exploits in sampled snippets of forgotten records, overlooked joints, and Kung Fu shenanigans. No man, or supervillain, has contributed more to this musical collage than Daniel Dumile better known as DOOM, whose schizophrenic production was born in the days of KMD. “Not your traditional hip-hop shit,” asserts the masked rapper.

His most recent release Key to the Kuffs, under the newly formed JJ DOOM moniker, carries on the usual DOOM torch (which might just burn green, for all we know). As a unit, JJ DOOM consists of producer/vocalist Jneiro Jarel and the masked villain, who now goes simply as DOOM, minus the “MF.” Since the group first unveiled “Banished” in February, the anticipation for Key to the Kuffs grew, and with its release last week, it certainly doesn’t disappoints. The album operates in a chrome sullenness that hasn’t come out of DOOM since his days as Viktor Vaughn. Although the MC didn’t set out to build off his criminally underrated Vaudeville Villain, he can see how the two projects could be fraternal twins as he considers Jneiro Jarel “one of his brothers.” Asked if he could picture his latest musical partner being part of a potential Vaudeville Villain 3, DOOM roared, “Oh, definitely,” DOOM told “Once you put it in the air, someone’s going to come up with a budget. All I need is a budget, and I get busy.” The man certainly has done so, working on the album for the past two years despite being forced to live away from his family. Although he was raised before the boom bap years of hip-hop in Long Island, New York, a recent passport mishap clipped his wings, and had him grounded in London.

If Born Like This consisted of DOOM’s nightmares, Key to the Kuffs is his plasma. Not blood plasma, because villains don’t bleed, but the kind of plasma stars are made of. While Dumile has been through worse, tracks like “Winter Blues” bring insight into his current state of seclusion. The space age reverbs provided by Jarel must do the bleeding for DOOM, who “only needs one warm hug to keep from turning off.” He laments, “I need a handful of melanin/ Feelin’ like the lambs wool beard on your tender skin/ Eat’er up like a Snack well/ We could live forever like Henrietta Lacks’ cells.” Who would have known that the mad villain’s kryptonite was love?


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  • Brian Raider

    Awwwwwwwwwww Man Great Fuckin Article. Keys To The Cuffs JJ Doom Gotcha! Somebody Has To Promote This Guy More. But This Article Is Promotion Enough, Being That Millions Will Read This Shit, Its Like Now U Know. Now Yall Know I Love Doom Shit Man , He’s What U Call A Rappers Rapper. Easily One Of The Greatest MC’s Of All Time. My Intro To Doom Was In 04 With The Leaked Madvillain Tracks And It Blew My Brain To Bits. I Spent The Next Few Years Dabbling In Bits And Pieces Of His Work Thru Limewire. The Classic Doper Skiller With Kool Keith, And Let Me Watch With Apani B! Ironically I Just Heard Doomsday Last Year Completely. But I Had Rhymes Like Dimes(One Of My Favorites) Back In 05 Thru Limewire. All I Can Say Is Let The Man Hear Watch How It Go Down If U Havent. I Shout Him Out And His Influence Is Written All Over The Song. The Rhyme Patterns And Such. Last Summer I Made A Doom Mixtape And Its Bangin. Born Like This Is A Classic Album I Hate That It Wasnt Review By Your Master Reviewers. I Especially Like Freddie Foxxx Paying Homage To The god. Doom We Love It Keep It Comin. Im From Michigan And I Love Your Shit. Its The Music That Connects Us All. 1

  • Brian Raider

    Also Like A Big KRIT, Or Havoc, Or Dilla, Or … As Dope As He Is On The Mic He Is A Superproducer. The Tracks On Born LIke This And MM Food Saw Doom Peaking As A Producer. Who Else Could Make A Classic Out Of A Beat Box, A JJ Fad Sample, And A Rza Sharp Anita Baker Sample Work Cohesively? Doom, And Thats The 2nd Track On The LP. The More Recent Classic That Blew Me Away. That Is The Marraige Of His Production And Lyrical Prowess Has To Be The Standout From Born Like This-Thats That. Again Blew My Brain To Bits. I Was Like What The Fuck O My God! A Testament To Why I Say Hes One OF The Best “Fa Sheez, G’z Of G’z Sieze Properties Shoppin Sprees Chop the cheese drop Degreez To Stop Disease G Wiz Pa Doom ROck Grammar Like The Kumbiyah” Whoa! Like I Say His Influence Along With Other New York Rappers Infuence My Flow Errbody Youtube Search Brian Raider !!!

  • Brian Raider

    Wait Wait LMAO At Doom In Some Cartiers Good Shit My Nigga! We Rock Carti’s In The 313 ! LOL!

  • Brian Raider

    R2D2????? Am I Right R2D2?

  • Brian Raider

    R2 D2?

  • Brian Raider

    LMAO! The Master Editors At XXL I Said R2D2! LOL! Ahahahahhahahahhaha!

  • R2D2

    Wow Yall Good, And Quik, Watch This R2D2 R2D2 R2D2 Hahahahahhahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahha R2 D2 !

  • Brian Raider

    RJ D2

  • Brian Raider

    Like Tony Todd Says I Felt Obliged To Come… OK Somebody Delete All Those Comments Below I Thought Yall Was Withholdin My Comment Cause I Was Right. Please Someone Delete That! I Say RJD2 By The Way Hope I Got It Right. Now Another Ill Thing About The Villain Is That He Will Work With A Producer And Bring The Best Out Of Them. Usually A Renowned Underground Producer. Madlib, Jake One, J.Dilla. But It 05, The Dangerdoom Was Special To Me! Now Everyone Says Madvillainny Is His Mona Lisa. Truuuuuuuuu, But Danger Doom Is A Classic Also. I Had Only Heard Of Danger Mouse For His Grey Album. I Really Got Into Krazy By Him And Cee Lo. Now Upon Listening To The Mouse And The Mask, I Didnt Take It Serious, Plus I Was Pissed That It Was Clean(Edited). After A Few Listens I Totally Got What They Were Doing El Chupa Nibre, Benzie Box, Old School Wit Talib I Was Like This Shit Goes. My Favorite Song Of The LP Is The Crosshairs. This Is What U Call A Culmination. This Is The Climax OF Danger Doom… For Some Reason Its Something About A Hip Hop Beat Infused With Violins That Drives Me Nuts(Reunited,The New Workout Plan)
    Daniel Says…
    The Vat is in the fire, a fryer made of chicken wire
    Gettin sick and tired of a friggin liar
    Pelican, with some very soft mangoes
    A closet full of skeletons and terry cloth Kangols
    Flew the coop, before you hit it let me warn you
    She did a cool hula-hoop, but don’t get any on you
    It’s all a big scam, to make y’all eat pig ham
    When he’s on the mic he’s like the triggerman, fig jam
    Doom, not to be confused with nobody
    Especially, since the flows he used was so nutty
    Never too woozy to go study, crews got no clues
    Like old cruddy Officer McGillicuddy
    Watch your six, he got a lot of more tricks
    Lyrics, bricks, on sticks sure got raw-nytics
    It’s a gift, don’t get shot for kicks
    With the same slick used to plot sick vicks with
    Spotted at a chick flick, holdin hands
    The other one on his swollen glands, a golden chance
    That’s why he kept them holes in his pants
    Rollin in a old van, is what he told his stolen fans
    Is that you true? Matched from hat to shoe
    Snafu, snatch any brew, LaBatt’s Blue
    Black jew like that’s new, patch me through
    No latch attached, skat shoo, catch twenty-two
    Super, he’s loaded dice nice
    And overpriced, a arm and a leg; homey life or your ice
    Villain, nag a grieving old hag
    Snag a bragger by his mic cord and leave him holding the bag
    Come clean, a bunch of dumb mean cream puffs
    A keen drum machine buff, who fiends for more green stuff
    Instead of starvin there be problems by the goo gobs
    Aight – somebody’s robbin Lou Dobbs and them tonight
    And he’s on the next flight, moon bound
    And makes it a point to stay away from the goon pound
    Got some peers, that’s gone in the lost years
    Tears and cheers, born in the crosshairs

  • Son Anthony

    Hm, 90′s new york hit maker? Can’t be Puffy, I wish it was Premier but I bet it’s Pete Rock

  • D. aRe.

    Sam Sever

  • Space Ghost

    DOOM is doing a collab album with producer Gensu Dean. Who recently made a music video with Large professor.

  • Colston Ryan

    …license plate: std. pos. “Standard pos.ition”

  • Colston Ryan

    Tbone says. what is the new stat line…h.p m(a).c..emcee…or h.d…see licence plate: Lst yer. “last year”

  • Colston Ryan

    Phill free…license plate “Add Lib”

  • Deviator

    I reckon it could be Mos Def. He’s a huge DOOM fan