Nas "2nd Childhood" [Produced by DJ Premier], Stillmatic (2001)

1x1 (1)

Nas "Come Get Me" [Produced by DJ Premier], Nastradamus (1999)

1x1 (1) copy

Nas "Nas Is Like" [Produced by DJ Premier], I Am (1999)

1x1 (1) copy 31

Nas "N.Y. State of Mind Pt. II" [Produced by DJ Premier], I Am (1999)

1x1 (1) copy 30

Nas "I Gave You Power" [Produced by DJ Premier], It Was Written (1996)

1x1 (1) copy 29

Nas "Represent" [Produced by DJ Premier], Illmatic (1994)

1x1 (1) copy 28

Nas "Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)" [Produced by DJ Premier], Illmatic (1994)

1x1 (1) copy 27

Nas "N.Y. State of Mind" [Produced by DJ Premier], Illmatic (1994)

1x1 (1) copy 26

DJ Premier Ranks No. 3 As Nas’ Best Go-To Producer

nas dj premier

There’s a reason rap fans are still yearning for a full-length Nas and DJ Premier album. Primo’s signature sound seems to bring the best out of the Nasty MC. He’s historically written some of his most creative rhymes to Preme’s soundscapes. “NY State of Mind” painted a vivid portrait of changing times in the Big Apple in the early ‘90s. “I Gave U Power” tackled gun violence from the perspective of the firearm. And, ”Second Childhood” put a fresh spin on a never-ending topic: growing pains in the hood. This duo is batting a thousand.

Released Tracks: 8
Album Appearances (1pt): 5 = 5 pts
Officially Released Singles (2pts): 1 = 2 pts
Grammy Nominations (3pts): 0
Top 40 Singles on the Billboard Hot 100 (4pts): 0
Signature Track (s) (5pts): “NY State of Mind,” “Memory Lane,” “Represent,” “I Gave U Power,” “Nas Is Like”: 5 = 25 pts
Total: 32 points

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