He Sort of Broke Just Blaze's Career


Bleek mentioned first meeting Just and he doing four joints for his album (The Understanding). It's crazy, I met him the first day and he got four joints on the album. That's how you know you got straight fire. I ain't gon' say I broke him, he was doing his thing already. But, I introduced him to the Roc-A-Fella family.


He Can't Remember First Meeting Jay-Z


Was 15 Years-Old On "Coming Of Age" Verse, Enjoyed the Check


See a lot of people didn't understand, Jay gave me the sheet of paper for 'Coming of Age' part one. Mind you, I was 15, he had me spitting rhymes I didn't even understand until I turned about 16, 17. I didn't even understand the record until it came out. [When the check came in] it was nice man. High school stunting, big wheels. I was at every high school in Brooklyn. Bleek also finally moved out of Marcy after receiving his bread.

The Roc-A-Fella Family Raised Him


"I was telling this to my mans the other day, I look at the crew I grew up with, I ain't have no father so it's like my team. Being around Just, [Young] Guru, Jay, B-High, Ty-Ty, all that man, they raised me [to help me] become the man I am today. It's real, I was a kid."

Went to Eastern District High School


"I went to Eastern District. I applied for Art & Design [but] they ain't accept me. I was too wild. I'm from the hood."

Spent Nights in the Crackhouse


"I had a nice apartment to go to but, I just chose to hang with the drug dealers. I wanted to be like my brother. As a kid, my brother was out in the crack house slinging and I idolized him. The only time I didn't want to be like him was when he got locked up. I knew that ain't a place for me."

Wanted To Become a Graphic Artist, Fan of Comic Books


Before mentioning he was a fan of comic books ("I was into Fantastic Four as a kid"), Bleek also admitted that he aspired to one day be a graphic artist. "I wanted to be an artist man, I drew."

Related to Sean Price, Wanted to Join OGC


"I'm related to him through a cousin. One of my cousins from Brownsville, his dad was out there and their related cousins [so] we're related through a cousin." In regards to OGC, Bleek explained "I wanted to get down. I tried but they were like, 'Nah.' This was before [the ROC]."

Jay Had to Pay Club Promoters $1k to Get Bleek In Underage


I remember Jay had to pay Maria Davis $1,000 just to get me in the club. That was before 'Coming of Age.' I was too young.

Gift & Curse Of Being Jay-Z's Protégé


It's difficult but, I try not to deal with it. Even though I have to, it's a reality, no matter what I do, he's the measuring stick. Even though nobody else gets compared to this measuring stick but me, it's cool. It just makes me sharpen up a little bit more.

Memphis Bleek Reads Blog Comments and Wishes "You Could Write Your Name and Address" On Blog Posts


"I wish you could write your name and address when you got to write [a post]. That's what we got to get up there and we'll see how many people talk what they talk."

Bleek Isn't Hov's Weed Carrier


"Hov don't smoke. NahRight.com be saying stuff like that man, the homey Eskay. I never met him either. I gotta meet him. It's cool [though] because I made a gang out of it, Kush Gang. But listen, weed carriers carry weed for their big homey. My big homey don't smoke, he don't even want me around smoke."

Memphis Bleek on his Infamous "Fade to Black" Cameo


I was hungry man. I didn't hear much about that. That one flew by me. What, they didn't want me to eat?

Broke Rihanna's Career


She was [on 534]. When I listen to a female you have to be somewhat blazing. From the gate, I knew she was out of here.

Isn't Sitting Back, Collecting Checks From Hov


"No, the Big Homey aint no fool. We from the bricks, aint nobody giving nothing away. Aint no free checks out here and if there is, point me in that direction. You gotta work. If I aint drop "Memphis Bleek Is...," I wouldn't have gotten no deal. If I ain't drop, What You Think Of That," "Around Here," "Do My," "My Mind Right," I wouldn't be here fam, that's real talk. It's been a lot of us in the stu that couldn't come up with that joint and where they at?"

His Hood Gassed Him Up To Diss Nas On "Mind Right"

Nas-My Mind Right

They gassed me up in my hood, told me Nas had said something about me. So I went to the hood and they gassed me. Now I think back, it was on some bullshit. That was about nothing. I got caught up, my bad."

Loved Collaborating With Beans


Beans was my dude from the gate. Once me and Beans linked up on “1000 Bars,” ever since then we were brothers. Beans was ill, he put the shift—he made me step up. When Beans first signed, everything in Roc-A-Fella changed. It was Memphis Bleek Coming of Age, then when Beans signed, everything just became Beanie Sigel. I’m like, Hold the fuck up. Whoa [Laughs].

First Introduced Rick Ross to Jay-Z


Just [Blaze] could co-sign this, Ross spit some verses for us and no lie, [around the time Blueprint came out] I called Hov on the spot like, Yo listen they got something down here. I made that link.