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Yesterday, in a 4-0 thrashing of Italy, Spain solidified it's place as one of (if not the) the greatest international teams of all time. Now while Soccer certainly isn't the most popular sport in the hip-hop community, it certainly has it's followers. (Earlier this year, Drake called visiting Chelsea's Stamford Bridge "One of the greatest nights of my life.") So in celebrating Spain's shutout win for the Championship, here's 10 Pro Soccer players who've had the privilege of having their names dropped in rap songs — XXL Staff

Wale featuring Wiz Khalifa "Sun.Day.Breeze," (2011)


"What y'all niggas know about it, my kick game is World Cup / World cup I know that they don't get me / I keep them bitches clean, though my sneaker game is Messi"

Jay-Z "American Gangster," American Gangster (2007)

freddy adu

"And then I bid you Freddy Adu / Prodigal Child, y'all not ready for the fu-ture"

Hoodie Allen "Words of Wisdom," Pep Rally (2010)

landon donovan

"I had a vision of us winning now it's gone again / Got the world on my legs, Landon Donovan"

Ludacris "Dey Know (Remix)," (2008)


"Mouth full of Swishers, or ridin' with ya sister / And six David Beckhams or a trunk full of kickers."

Wale "Tim Westwood Freestyle," (2012)


"So gifted, do it truly / British girls kick it with me like I'm Wayne Rooney."

Joell Ortiz "Farewell Summer," Farewell Summer (2010)


Let you niggas party, go on vaca, I'mma grind / 'Til every verse I kick is like Pele in his prime"

Mac Miller "Pittsburgh Kidz Get the Biz," (2010)


"I do me though, kick a Ronaldinho / Mean flow, wear my jeans low, see my cheeks ho"

Wale "No Days Off," Ambition, (2011)


"Well goddamn, now I be the man / And every bitch kickin it with me goin Mia Hamm"

Lil Wayne "Haterz," (2008)


"I'm trying to reach my goal like a round-ball / Freddy Adu, anything for the crown ya'll / Or David Beckham only pay'em or respect'em"

Pras featuring O.D.B & Mya, "Ghetto Supastar," Ghetto Supastar (1998)


"Stretch my heater make you do a pas de bourree / Kick your balls like Pele, pick em doin ballet"