Rick Ross Talks About God Forgives, I Don’t on Big Boy’s Neighborhood

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  • ssk

    just another ross album not bad but never great he isnt creative and styas in the same box everytime he does a album, and he got bodied on 3 kings by jay and even dre tho we know dre didnt write his verse it was still better then officer rickey verse, and then andre3k killed him, and nas destroyed him on triple beam dreams. NAS LIFE IS GOOD IS WITHOUT A DOUBT ALBUM OF THE YEAR ROSS LAST ALBUM IS BETTER THEN THIS ONE AND THAT ISNT SAYING MUCH EITHER CUZ ALL HIS STUFF IS THE SAME

  • Durbey E. Macon

    They went very easy on him but go in on everyone else.

  • Thoma$

    If they do collaborate & make a record, it won’t be anything new. These two cats done made a gang of records together in the past. It was stemmed outta jealousy, the fake beef was.