Rick Ross “Hold Me Back” Behind The Scenes

Rick Ross and friends like Curren$y, Swizz Beats, and Gunplay all got together in New Orleans last week to shoot the video for Rozay’s hot song.

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  • francis nasim

    thats wassup next year nia!

  • francis nasim

    im tooo hard,im tooo hard!!!-tooo mutha fu#@@in hard!benny blanco-ah mac dre ,im bACK baby-pop the trunk due— in stores—dirty 12, celibace-go get that cha bich -u

  • TruthBeTold

    XXL DELETES COMMENTS, the editor in chief is a crunchy granola white bitch PICTURE THAT WHEN YOU READ THIS WACK ASS SHIT. rick ross and vanessa satten are CHARACTERS. xxl and OFFICER RICKY are fake.

  • 4twenty3sixty5

    truth hurts ^^^ .. btw , THE EDITOR IN CHIEF IS A CRUNCHY GRANOLA BITCH. please picture this when reading this WACK ASS ARTICLE. you know what , as disturbing as it is to know OFFICER RICKY really is just a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, i still cop some of his shit, like the shit he did with nas an yeezy, because when everythings all said an done.. most of what we call “hip hop” isn’t real. its ghost written, composed, produced, by everyone but the rapper.. and none of these people get credit. although ricky, diddy, jay z , etc. all can’t actually create a song, their voices are attractive to the ears. sorry for the rant xxl, on some real shit tho.