Nas Performs “Daughters” on David Letterman

Last night, Nas took the stage on Late Show with David Letterman to perform his current single, “Daughters”. Cop his latest album, Life Is Good, which is in stores today.

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  • Illmaticson

    yo nas is arguably the best rapper ever,but this is not close to illmatic

    • CaponeMOB

      Finaly XXLMAG you give a fucking review i agree with,but im not surprised at all at the XXL rating.cuz first of all you niggaz gave the self made Vol. 2 album an XL rating with an XL rating for lyrics? of course anything less then an XXL would have been BLASPHEMY for this NAS album.

      the only thing i have a problem with STILL is the beat selection.a couple of Jazzy beat songs im cool with,but when most of the album is like that i get bored. he should have made HALF the album with Loco motive and queens story type of would have been better. but fuck it i guess he was goin for a certain sound for the certain deep songs and song concepts. plus his Lyrics make up for it.

      BUT NO one EVER in history has been rhyming on his level deep in their careers,its like he’s still in his prime.i see no diffrence in the stillmatic Nas and the Life is good Nas.

      and PLEASE dont even talk about Jay-z. he lost his shit around kingdom come album. Nas always been on another Level then jigga.

  • lilrizq

    Dope album fa sho, but is it just me or could the mixdown have been a lil more crispier??? Other than that XXL rating is co-signed.

    • CaponeMOB

      @ lirizq NAH my nigga,Nas Life is good LP got CRISPY ASS SOUND. throw that Bootleg copy in the trash and cop the real one on i-tunes or best buy..LMAO

  • mistah dubs

    nothing in his catalogue will be illmatic but this well deserved the XXL rating so awesome

  • X

    thank you xxl. you got one right. Unbelievable album all the way through (minus the Swizz Beatz track)- anything but an xxl would be a disgrace

    • Jizzle

      Cosign…FINALLY got one right!!! #LifeIsGood

  • Harvey

    Been listening to it all day – f**king hell, this is goooood.

  • Rusty

    “At this juncture—21 years and 10 solo albums in—no other MC has ever rhymed at such a high level this deep into their career.”

    …Jay-Z comes to mind, minus a couple years but he’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

  • Don Guapo

    Damn! I haven’t seen a XXL in a while, shouts to Nas

  • reese

    this nigga took it back on this man….I agree totally with ur review XXL…….i think this may make HOV go in the vault and give hip-hop what is needed…that REALLLLLLLL music….CLassic!! this shyt is soooooooo EASTCOAST….sond like 90′s….with bars up to date!! CLASSICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC


    There’s an awesome review of this great album over at

  • Jordan

    I disagree with this rating. I understand the lyrics but how can you give this an origonality an XXL?? It doesnt make any sense to me. If this is an XXL, than controll system should too because of the fact that i have never heard anything like it.

  • jm

    jordan get the fuck outta here with that shit #LIFEISGOOD

  • Brandon taylor

    best album I’ve heard in 2012 hands down NAS nasty NAS

  • SmokeyRebelz

    Jigga aint really, Nas releases a classic album every ten year average!!!! This album dope!!! XXL co-sign…Grammy nominie co-sign too…

  • K.J

    Finally!great review and great rating
    Nas deserves all the Laurels for this Album
    Its just an incredible classic album
    grew up on this Kind of Thoroughbred Hip Hop&im so exhilarated that Nas delivered once again
    This is our Music and culture,Lets recognize and celebrate greatness

  • EnjoyVagina

    summer on smash is the only low point i agree. i was looking forward to that record too.

  • kedordu


  • Slient-J

    this is something that true hip-hop should be recognizable what nas did is shown what hip hop is all about not swag,not spitting coke and banging hoes and killers its a sound that you feel in 90′s to early 2000′s nas brought all of that into this cd its amazing how people giving xl to people that don’t have the lyrics and no substance no rhythm what we listen to is same music and water-down lyrics that goes on and on life is good its album of the yr hands down this would make jay-z go to the drawing board and craft a album on his own ive listen to the new album of nas its amazing can listen to all day but congrats nas of getting a xxl and all respect to my favorites big krit, j cole but nas is hip-hop is all about

  • cgon7

    Great album, you could see the transformation Nas has made for himself. He let us into his world and showed us his pain and love he had for kelis. I also like how he did not disrespect her it was more of a thank you to her. But I also thought Summer on smash was totally off. Overall it is a great album. Big up to Nas.