Nas’ First-Week Sales Predictions

Yesterday, Nas’ 10th solo album, Life Is Good, hit stores. The project finds the Queens MC in a lyrical zone, bringing his approach back to his early days getting personal on many of his songs. He’s been building up towards the release for quite some time since announcing the title last year, and has been doing a promo run that includes performances on late night TV as well as on the ESPYs. Critics have praised the album, and XXL even gave it the rare XXL rating. Fans, too, seem to be enjoying the set, based on comments on sites and Twitter. How many will show out to buy the record, though? The XXL Staff predicts.

Tarik Sykes —190,000

Adam Fleischer — 186,000

Jaeki Cho —185,000

Mariel Concepcion —180,000

Mark Lelinwalla —175,000

Jayson Rodriguez —168,000

Neil Martinz-Belkin —135,000

Carl Chery —125,000

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  • jay

    please no more nas/swizz beats collabos. when i think generic, the first thing that comes to mind is swizz beats

  • crippled with constipation

    What a load of mediocre shyte, vinnie paz has more deep songs about his life than nas, nas is overrated like jay-z what a load of mind numbing garbage. If you idiots think nas raps about deep and moving subjects then you must be ultra sensitive albino in sahara desert. Nasir jones ten albums deep and this is called one of his best lol! “Hood forever, I just act like I’m civilized/Really
    what’s in my mind is organizing a billion Black
    muthafuckas/To take over JP and Morgan
    Goldman and Sachs/And teach the world facts
    and give Saudi they oil back,” Teach the world facts? What facts? That nas is a corporate puppet that talks mediocre garbage lo leave that shit to immortal technique

    • Sketch

      U mad at Nas bro?

    • Dat Nukka

      wow vinne paz. You should change your name to disgruntled white boy

    • TruthBeTold

      wtf hahah i actually didnt think there was anyone who didnt like nas? if you ACTUALLY think this dude cant spit your fucked in the head an shouldnt be listening to rap in the first place.. seriously hahah there should be no critics on his wordplay dudes a legend an EVERYONE knows it.

    • that nigga

      Wow. I’ve never heard or seen any comments about Nas like that, you must be on crack or dust homie. Or better yet, Vinny Paz himself?

    • Joel

      Drugs are very bad for you son…

  • Young Champ

    Wouldve added Nazareth Savage on there,Nas Blackout out on that track, and America track from the Unitled album was fire

  • illuminatic

    i listen to my album in this order

    1. no intro
    2. loco-motive
    3. a queens story
    4. accident murderers
    5. daughters
    6. roses
    7. nasty
    8. the black bond
    9. world’s an addiction
    10. where’s the love
    11. back when
    12. stay
    13. cherry wine
    14. bye baby

    album flows much better and sounds more epic

    reach out
    the don
    you wouldn’t understand

  • alderman j

    1. Rakim
    2. Tupac
    3. Nas
    4. Big Daddy Kane
    5. Scarface

    Nas about to pass TUPAC on my list if he keep coming like this….this isnt the best but it might be my FAVORITE Nas album!! He should have named it GROWN MAN SHIT!!!!

  • Neil

    Awesome album haven’t stopped listening to it. Nas the goat no doubt!!!!

  • LifeDefined

    Read my Nas Life is Good Full Review and BreakDown Here on my blog : Track by Track by a serious hip hop fan. Thanks

  • GoGoMicFiend

    I don’t agree with the list but I sure we can all agree Nas that every track mentioned was worthy of this list. This reminded me of just how much of a beast Nas is. A living legend.

  • Dashboard

    Life is goodies right after I am I like how every song is leading to the next instead of a scatter album they most these rappers do now adays been a fan since day 1

  • Artfull

    Where is…

    Hold Down tha Block – HHID
    Nothing lasts 4ever – LT
    Starwars – Illmatic 2nd Annv reissue
    Drunk by myself – LT
    Streets Disciple – SD
    Live Now – SD
    Money over Bullshit – HHID
    We’re not alone – Untitled

    ????? ?????

  • RealTalk

    a few I think should have been on there, hard to say which ones I remove. Though most definitely #50, We’re Not Alone is not top 50 in my opinion. These are personally some of my favorite Nas songs, better than many on the list, just my opinion:

    Leaders off Distant Relatives
    Letter to the King with Game
    Stay off Life is Good
    Message to the Feds off Streets Disciple
    Nazareth Savage off Streets Disciple
    Star Wars off Illmatic 10th Anniversary
    Let Em Hang with Lake and V12
    Queens Day with Run and Prodigy

  • RealTalk

    Correction on my comment: Friends off Distant Relatives, not Leaders. Leaders is good, just Friends is the best track on the album and one of my favorite Nas tracks.