Nas Celebrates Life Is Good Album Release With Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip

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  • raider

    surprise surprise

  • jm

    great review…although i believe that the production was flawless and deserved an xxl as well

  • Syd Love

    Im just really happy about this release. #thatisall.

  • D

    Damm right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great album

  • Doobie42

    Well written cuz.

  • Loc

    Damn first XXL since MBDTF

  • jfl11

    well written review. y’all got one right for once lol. absolutely agree in the xxl for lyrics and originality, and xl for beats. had No ID had a few more, and Salaam a couple less, production would’ve been xxl too. nas always stays true to himself and sticks to his guns.. that’s what I love about that dude. salute to a legend.. proud of him

  • Kev

    well deserved, it is absolutely crazy and mind blowing hearing him rap this good at this point in his career. Its really something special that we are witnessing

  • Sir

    This is a classic album right here.

  • mike

    beats should have been xxl. thats the only complaint

  • Allen Poe

    “On “Reach Out,” Nas rhymes, “And you become better than legends you thought were the greatest.” Again, the Nasty MC’s words ring true. At this juncture—21 years and 10 solo albums in—no other MC has ever rhymed at such a high level this deep into their career. Not Rakim. Not Kool G Rap. Not Slick Rick. Not Big Daddy Kane. No One.”

    I been saying this to people for years. Very well put.

  • Mani

    Great album!!!!on repeat!

  • Phill

    Finally a XXL!!

  • scott

    wow, 4 the 1st time ever, XXL is right about an album score

  • Stone

    definitely a classic..

  • Corey

    worst nas album yet, how can you rate XXL and rate Tech N9ne All 6′ n 7′s XL?

  • yunggee19

    bout time….. dis album def deserved it…..

  • mando


  • wheel Chair Jimmy

    i came on here knowing ud give it a xl even though it was perfect. well done guys for a well written and thought out review.

  • Chuck Platinum

    I totally agree with the review except for the Swizz joint. Although I am not a Swizz beatz fan too tough I do think that he delivered a hot summer joint in the way that only Swizz could do it and it was a hot collaboration. Salaam and NO I.D. did a great job giving Nas a nice blend of nostalgic yet relevant beats and the content was just the truth. Definitely the best album I have heard in years and this one goes neck and neck with illmatic not stillmatic nor Gods Son those were great albums but this goes up there with the first

  • Roman

    Nas, shits spaz!

  • Solo

    Great review!!!!! Nas is no doubt the best alive, ain’t no one doing it like Nas……….. “Life Is Good”

  • Marz


  • gndgnd

    Wooow XXL . Gonna have the album real soon. Can’t wait !

  • Cybornetics


  • goodmusic

    hell yeah an album that deserves a XXL finally got it after all the crap getting XLs

  • Damion Robinson

    Hell noo this is Nas’s 10th studio album and for me it’s the same ol same ol that beats weren’t that good as far as the topics for the beats and originality isn’t that much in this bcus Nas has not even experimented with different things so he can bring something totally new to the table this LP falls into the same category as “untitled” and “hip-hop is dead” for me

  • LOL…


  • asas

    hell yea!!!!

  • TrakMaster Traxx

    Totally agree with summer on smash comment, great album but I’ve deleted that song from my library

  • acet

    first XXL rating iv seen. ever

  • Lyniv

    When you’re this good, and you’ve been doing it for so long..that alone says everything. Consistency is key. Nas always delivers but this album is special. Good job guys

  • Str@degy

    It’s about time Nas gets his props. I agree with XXL on this one. Kudos!!!

  • junghvoa

    album of the year – but like there was any doubt. Nice work Nas

  • CP_Moonwalker

    There’s an awesome review of this great album over at

  • jbfam

    Finally he got a xxl the king is back

  • last real nigga alive

    Untitled and Hip hop is dead are better.

  • jp

    ain’t this obvious

  • trouble

    classic album…

  • don dadda

    To be honest i dont this this album is an XXL to say this album is up there with Illmatic, marhsall mathers LP and even dre 2001 is an outrage. XXL reviews are all over the place

  • Artfull

    3 Universally acclaimed CLASSICS in 3 decades

    illmatic – 90′s
    Stillmatic – 00′s
    Life Is Good – 10′s

  • toni

    love how they have Waka and ask ” what happened to the message in hip-hop?” hehe dif times

  • TruthBeTold

    fuck ya xxl ! you did it nas, another classic.

  • atl

    bet he wont do 200,000

  • rashaan

    DAMN my man nas is back. this is the only album I picked up this year. my man didnt let me down definitely a classic. LIFE IS GOOD

  • http://Nowebsite Johnny

    Nas has the album of the year. 20 years in the game and stil making hits. Great album.

  • scribe

    hahaha i wonder how much this fake ass lost magazine got paid to give this shit a xxl rating.a disgrace,i never buy the mag,i just come on the website to laugh at the pathetic articles yall put up,call yourselves critics and journalists,absolute trash forgotten what hip hop really means.xxl for lyrics hhahah yeah rappin bout being a fictional druglord as usual what else,the usual over materialistic bullshit ross usually spews out,absolute filth.fuck xxl fakest magazine ever to hit the stands.

  • crippled with constipation

    What a load of mediocre shyte, vinnie paz has more deep songs about his life than nas, nas is overrated like jay-z what a load of mind numbing garbage. If you idiots think nas raps about deep and moving subjects then you must be ultra sensitive albino in sahara desert. Nasir jones ten albums deep and this is called one of his best lol! “Hood forever, I just act like I’m civilized/Really
    what’s in my mind is organizing a billion Black
    muthafuckas/To take over JP and Morgan
    Goldman and Sachs/And teach the world facts
    and give Saudi they oil back,” Teach the world facts? What facts? That nas is a corporate puppet that talks mediocre garbage lo leave that shit to immortal technique

  • Hell_Chea

    Seeing this album receive a XXL made my day . I have faith in real hip-hop again … no that I give a fuck about critics, but its the acknowledgement of good music that matters !

  • HipHop


  • Haz B

    STILL THE GREATEST no matter the circumstance. LET’S GO ESCO Life is Good ain’t it THE GOAT. Hip Hop ain’t dead these dude just scared- Haz B

  • yabboi

    this has to be the most well deserved “XXL” you guys have ever given out.

  • Babyface

    Nas continues to cement his place in the GOAT debate.

  • Azup

    This is a cool song but it’s the same exact beat from Method Man song “Round and Round”, from the “How High” soundtrack.