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  • O.skino.dr

    I’m sure the album is dope… But the summer belongs to God’s Son!! Sorry Ross, should’a dropped before it… Cause everything after just doesn’t sound as good.

    Life Is Good!!

  • me

    i agree with the guy below me

  • Big Ang

    this nigga really is the definition of ignorance. smh. lol

  • r

    Crack is helluva drug.

  • scribe

    you need to stop promoting these ignorant uneducated motherfuckers he offers nothing to rap.disgrace

  • Puffin

    Ross is one big believer.always has something to preach about..from drugz to fuck boiz…his ma type though..leggo #GFID

  • kaliskyy

    driicky:yes roscoe:maybe French:fuck no Cash:fuuck no