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  • http://Ispithotfire.urmom M.A.V.

    Looks like XXL is deleting posts they dont like. I detailed why this article is akin to something Fox News would do on Obama, a biased hit-piece, and they took it down. There needs to be a new Hip Hop mag that actually focuses on Hip-hop, not mags that are corporate tools written by corporate tools upholding the status quo. Its about time things changed, and changes are already taking place, XXL needs to determine whether they will be riding the crest of the wave or if they will be swept away like debris. If this article is any indication, they are looking a lot like driftwood…

    • that dude

      They delete all of my comments, even the positive ones? Im starting to fuckin’ hate this site. This will be deleted along with yours M.A.V. They must have not seen your comment yet?

  • R .L.W

    Mike Classic is on the come up. His latest mixtape ” Where Amazing Happens” is fire. 18 tracks of pure fire. Go download this one.