Kat Stacks Talks from Behind Bars

No matter how much you have changed or said you will change, your videos and actions of the past will likely always be attached to you. How do you feel about that?

I’m okay with it. I got it tatted on me, “Kat Stacks.” I know people are always gonna judge me for it, but I don’t care about it because I know inside people are always going to judge me for it.

How was it that you always found yourself with one rapper to the next and the next?

Umm…I guess it was destiny.

Do you regret anything?

I don’t regret anything in life. I just regret not being able to be a better mother and not focusing on him.

One of the videos that people always talk about was the infamous coke video with you and Soulja Boy. What do you have to say about that?

I knew that question was coming. The real story from that day is we got together—again, because we were seeing each other on the low…we had a low-down relationship—and that day, he pissed me off. I was drunk, he was drunk too. He left me stranded alone at the hotel and when I kept texting and calling him, he didn’t answer. He just texted me a ticket number to the airport. I was pissed. So, I called my friend to take me to the airport, but he came with his boys and ordered room service and all got drunk. I had a headache because when I was on the plane on the way there, I drank a lot and threw up, so I had ordered Advil for room service. So, there were Advil pills there, sitting around. My phone had died and I had bent down to charge it and the laptop fell on the floor. My boy was like, “What you doing, coke up in here?” When I went to go look, the laptop had crushed up the pills. That’s when the boys got the coke idea to set it up. They set up the scenes and I didn’t care because I was already mad at Soulja Boy. But when I did the video, I didn’t know it was going to be that big. I apologized, but I didn’t know how to make things right again. I felt really bad. I got in contact with him again and he told me to tell the truth. I went on my Twitter and told everyone the truth, but he did everything in his power to hurt me, so I just let him go. I don’t need to deal with that stuff.

Most rappers you were linked to denied being with you.

They all denied me!

Was there one who annoyed you by doing that?

Well, the one who wouldn’t let it go was Nelly. He was annoying.

And you were with him?

Twice. I did kinda make it seem more than it was, but it was just sex. I tried to make it seem like it was deeper than that, but it wasn’t. He couldn’t believe a girl like me would say the things I did, but I was always drunk. Before interviews, I used to drink a whole bottle of Hennessy or a whole bottle of Patron or Goose.

There was also a video with dudes beating you up.

They don’t scare me. When they did that to me, I only went harder.

If you’re able to get out, what is it that you want to do?

First of all, I want to finish my education. I have never finished the seventh grade. I want to get my GED. I want to get my record expunged, so I can work social work to help younger people who were in my shoes. I want to do that and go in a positive lane and leave all the rappers and drinking and going nuts alone. Just be better and show people that people can change.

You say you want to leave the rappers alone. All of them?

Well, some, we can stay in contact, but we’re not gonna be involved intimately because it will just bring me back to the situation I’m in now.

People are going to read this and that you say you changed, but still label you as a hoe and  the bottom of the barrel for your past. They’re going to think you’re going to revert right back to your old ways. What do you say to them?

I just pray for them. Bless them. I’m going to prove them wrong, when I get out. Actions speak louder than words.

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  • http://www.flawlessri.com/music_videos.html LLaqui

    She is so annoying

  • DON’T free Kat Stacks

    Let her as stay in there.

    • DON’T free Kat Stacks


  • sendkatstacksaway

    there are so many people who are desparate to come to this country and wont waste their ONLY chance…. sorry kat stacks but you had your chance, and you probably had multiple chances… and there are plenty of other countries that you can probably redeem yourself in …

  • Karla

    she made more than one mistake. There are other detains about to get deported because of driving without a license or because they were picked up by immigration while walking down the street. They came here for a better life, they need to get out . NOT her

  • Shane

    Annoying as she was… everyone deserves a chance. Let’s be fair. She might be talkin’ the talk but when (IF) she gets out she’ll only have to prove any change to herself.

  • leland brown

    You guys are talking like Kat Stacks was in the country breaking laws. The only crime she committed was coming to America illegally. It’s not against the law to do softcore adult videos or sleep with rappers. You guys are too judgemental.

  • http://www.flawlessri.com/music_videos.html LLaqui

    I wonder what she is up 2 now