In Case You’ve Been Missing…Nature

Name: Nature

Where You Find Him: N/A

What You Might Know Him for and Why You’ve Cared: In 1997, the Queensbridge-bred rapper, also friend of Nas, replaced Cormega to become the fourth member of Dr. Dre’s assembled supergroup The Firm. Together the group would release their platinum-selling, sole LP, 1997′s The Album, which topped both the Billboard 200 and R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The album found Nature appearing on six of the album’s tracks including “Phone Tap.” Shortly after the group disbanded, Nature appeared on 1998′s Swizz Beatz-produced “Banned From T.V.” single off N.O.R.E.’s self-titled debut album—delivering a memorable verse that found him kicking tales, choking n-ggas like I’m Sprewell—as well as a few other joints along the way like 2000′s “Da Bridge 2001″ off Nas’ QB’s Finest release. Three years after stepping away from the Firm, Nature released his long-delayed For All Seasons debut in 2000, which included memorable joints like “We Ain’t Friends,” “Young Love,” “Nature Shine,” and “The Ultimate High.” Though well-received by critics, the slept-on album would fail to lift the rapper’s career. Nature went on to release two other albums (Wild Gremlinz and Pain Killer) that also fell under the radar.

Current Status: After releasing his 2008 LP Pain Killer, the rapper went M.I.A. until 2010, when he reunited with Cormega and AZ for the latter’s Doe Or Die 15th Anniversary show held at NYC’s Santo’s Party House. —Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)

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  • that nigga

    You XXL bloggers need to step your pen game up. There are so many mistakes in that first sentence alone. But Nature was nice, just couldn’t make a hit. He was a 16 bar spitter, not a song crafter.

  • iz black

    nature definatly a nice mc banned from tv verse was classic shame he never made it big happened to a of rappers from queensbridge

  • Yamz

    Nature hasn’t been the same since Nashawn stomped his ass out for disrespecting Nas. Sad, son had skills

  • sean h

    Thank you xxl for finally writing something about Nature. the first in a long list of talented ny rappers who dr.dre wasted. to me All Seasons is the most slept on rap album ever. Check out Natures Shine, Mans World, Ultmate High, I remember, Natures Shine, and just about every other song on the album with the exeption of 1 or 2. For further proof check out his verse on Fantastic Four pt2 off the dj clue professional 2 album. “critisize the shit I write but its never too soft”.

  • FourTwenty