Five Unexpected Business Ventures Jay-Z Should Consider

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    Five Unexpected Business Ventures Jay-Z Should Consider
    Jigga Man's been at the forefront of entrepreneurship for more than a decade. He boasts a list of non-music-related business ventures including Rocawear, Barclays Center, Ace of Spades and 40/40 sports bars. Recently, he inked a business deal with Duracell, and became a spokesperson/investment partner of the battery company's newly released Duracell Powermat JV. But Hov's business moves have never been ordinary, and he continues to push the limit. With that said, here are five out-of-the-blue business ventures Jay-Z should consider for the near future... —<em>XXL Staff</em> (<a href="">@XXL</a>)
  • table-silverware
    Roc Silverware
    Jay likes to see people wearing his clothes (Rocawear), he wants them to drink his champagne (Ace of Spades), he wants the radio to play his music (Roc Nation), and soon he'll want people to eat with his classy dining set. With the Roc emblem on each piece, the forks and knives signify class and haute living, but also serve as a reminder of the "Hard Knock Life."
  • Mitsubishi
    Fuel-Efficient Automobiles
    Jay-Z's known to name-drop a car and make it trendy—mostly luxury whips. The poster child of everything fly, however, has also been at the forefront of changing perceptions. What's really real is fuel-efficient cars that boast both bravado and save the planet from carbon monoxide. Mitsubishi is reported to be the most fuel-efficient car sold in America. Fuck 32 gallons wasted on gas, dummy. We leave no trace of oil leaks on these streets.
  • khaki_pants
    Khaki Pants
    Advertisers and boardroom bigwigs believe an artist like Jay-Z has the potential to rejuvenate an old and outdated brand into something hip and popular. Case in point: Dockers. The popular brand for khakis are mostly worn by middle-aged high school faculties or they're forced upon prep school students. Let Jigga Man, who co-owns the popular Rocawear, to rebrand its identity. Dockers meet the Roc? Rockers!
  • johnsonANDjohnson
    Johnson & Johnson
    Blue Ivy needs diapers. 'Nuff said.
  • blue_ivy_nail_polish
    Blue Ivy Nail Polish
    Named after his precious seed, the nail polish collection is meant to embody the fast-paced living of the urban atmosphere, while also representing for the young girls with passion. A percentage of profit from each product sold will be donated to Unicef, which will provide clean water to various regions in Africa.

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