A$AP Rocky’s Most Infamous Moments

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  • asap_crew
    March 18th (2012)
    Performers don't enjoy being ridiculed in any way—whether it means being booed or having things thrown on stage. It was the latter—in the form of beer cans thrown from the crowd at Rocky and his crew—that was said to have sparked a brawl at one of the braided rapper's shows at SXSW in Austin, TX this past March. Reports said that, at first, Rocky attempted to calm the flaring tempers, but once another object was launched in his direction, the peace was broken.
  • rocky5
    June 6th (2012)
    A UK fan got a taste of the A$AP Mob’s antics in June when Rocky’s $15,000 Rolex was stripped from the rapper during a crowd surfing performance. This prompted the rapper to halt his performance, prompting fans to find and beat up the watch thief. Shortly after, the Rolex was returned to its rightful owner and the show continued.
  • 123
    June (2012)
    In June, one of Rocky's former collaborators, SpaceGhostPurpp cut off ties with him after one of Purpp's Raider Klan affiliates was allegedly jumped by A$AP Twelvy and the A$AP Mob. Purpp also stated Rocky & Co. were trying to copy their style to which A$AP bluntly responded "Fuck SpaceGhostPurpp," in an interview with MTV.
  • Rockyarrest
    July 19th (2012)
    For an artist that's meticulous about his style and image, Rocky seemed in no mood to pose for pictures last week. That's when the New York native allegedly was involved in an argument, at which point two photographers started taking pictures of the event. None too pleased, Rocky reportedly became involved in a physical altercation with the two, and was later arrested by the NYPD.

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