#Miami Heat Introduce LeBron James, Chris Bosh And Dwyane Wade

< > on July 9, 2010 in Miami, Florida.

What Wade & Lebron Should Ask Ross in Return for the NBA Championship Ring?


Rick Ross has been putting on for South Beach, way before Lebron’s infamous decision. So with James and Wade grabbing this year's NBA championship rings, Rick Ross felt the need to address the Miami Heat superstars via Twitter, demanding a ring for himself. Under normal circumstances, the league only issues a ring to the players and personnel of the winning team. So it's very doubtful that Ross will ever get his hands on a piece from Bron-Bron and D-Wade. But if Rozay does, it definitely shouldn't be for free. And XXL's here to provide a list of things James and Wade can ask from Ross. Favor for a favor. —Christian Bonoan (@chrisakachise)

Unlimited Wingstop for Life


Rick Ross is a proud bawse of his own Wingstop fast-food franchise in Memphis. LBJ and D-Wade can ask for a lifetime supply of chicken wings, to devour during their cheat days on their professional-athlete, calories-counted diet. Something tells us, that even if two-thirds of the Big 3 picked up Rozay’s rich eating habits, they’d still be able to maintain their freakish, out of this world, athleticism.

Grooming Tips/Hair Donation


Ricky Rozay’s image is just as distinct as his braggadocio-filled flows on records. First and foremost, the MMG head honcho can share some facial hair grooming tips with Lebron, whose beard sometimes doesn’t sport the best line-up. We now what you’re thinking about next... Lebron’s historical performances continue to bring light to his headband-needing forehead and pushed-back hairline. Moving forward, wouldn’t it be a fair exchange if Ross could donate some of his beard or chest hair he’s never been reluctant to flaunt, to the King?

The Midas Touch


Last year, the Miami Heat received criticism when introducing their new alternate uniforms, which featured a black-on-black color scheme. Though the funeral-service-themed jerseys, make sense with how the Heat killed the competition, they don’t quite capture the essence of South Beach. Rick Ross has always had good taste in gold, and the Miami Heat adding a gold-based uniform after a championship season would only carry on their personification as the league’s villains. Ross would also be able to one up Diddy, who designed alternative jerseys for the Dallas Mavericks, the team that ironically beat Miami in 2011.

Release a MMG Diss Track Aimed at Miami Heat Haters Worldwide


Of course this song would contain fellow Floridian, DJ Khaled’s infamous “We The Best” drop intro. All throughout their careers, Lebron and D-Wade have heard silly criticism, and winning one championship together won’t be enough to shut the haters up. Meek Mill would go on and outshine everyone else in this song, with his aggressive delivery. Can you picture the Dre Films-directed visual for this joint? Dwayne Wade’s wifey Gabrielle Union would be an ideal eye candy, Chris Bosh can pop champagne like he did in the celebratory footage, and Eddy Curry can eat enough chicken wings to earn the championship ring he just won!

Swagger Advice


Whether it is his solo projects, group projects, or guest verses, in recent history Ross has dominated hip-hop, all four quarters of the year. When criticizing Lebron, his doubters usually point out his inability to takeover when it matters. The Bawse is the epitome of swagger, something that Lebron James shies away from when the game is on the line. Perhaps developing a “God Forgives…I Don’t” mentality and demeanor can be the determining factor that shuts Lebron’s doubters up for good.