Stevie Stone Talks New Album, Fan Appreciation & Strange Music

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    Stevie Stone Talks <em>Rollin' Stone</em>, Fan Appreciation & Strange Music
    Columbia, MO native Stevie Stone has had a wild ride to this point. With last week's release of Rollin’ Stone, his Strange Music debut, Stone promises to take listeners on a roller coaster ride as he continues to establish himself as a rising member of the independent outfit. The former Ruthless Records MC is currently on a record-setting tour with Tech N9ne and the Strange Music family. With his career gaining momentum, <em>XXL</em> caught up with Stone to discuss his love of 808s, his relationship with Tech N9ne, and connecting with the fans. —<em>Calvin Stovall</em> (<a href="!/calvinstovall">@CalvinStovall</a>)
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    On <em>Rollin’ Stone</em>:
    “It’s a rollercoaster ride, even my slow records and my serious records are gonna have that 808 and that kick up in there. But on this album, I think it’s a very full album, it’s something for everybody. This is more one of the party records, the club type records for the album. But there’s definitely different records that’s gonna put you in a different mind frame. Like I did a record called ‘My Remedy,’ and that’s just saying that when I hit the stage, music becomes my remedy and all my problems fade away. Music is my escape. It don’t matter what happens, I been in situations where I get a bad phone call like five minutes before I hit the stage on some bullshit. But soon as I hit the stage and I give it to the crowd and they give it to me back, all that shit just goes out the window… Strap on your seatbelt when you listen to it. I definitely think it’s gonna turn a lot of heads. You gonna see on the album, you can’t necessarily put Stevie Stone in a box.”
  • <h2>"Meant To Happen"</h2>
    "'92, I was 21/Sellin' rocks for my auntie, was plenty fun/And yes she loaded the house with many guns/She got me a TEC-9 for my birthday, 'No more trippin' from anyone'"
  • Strange Music
    On signing with Strange Music:
    “We knew it was supposed to happen. When I was on Ruthless I did a tour with him, KOD tour, and his fans really adapted to me and embraced me. And me and him, we been family forever. But when I went out with them they got a chance to see me perform and how the crowd was reacting and everything. It was just a perfect fit. Like I was supposed to be on Strange Music. So as soon as we were able to make it happen, we made it happen. But we had been kicking it forever.”
  • Krizz_Kaliko
    On Krizz Kaliko:
    “Krizz is a monster. He’s definitely a genius at what he does. I actually got him on the album, also. He’s out here politicking with these people. The fans love him. I believe they did very, very good on Billboard, and he got to number 2 on iTunes. So very, very great for an independent. The top 5 were all majors, and then you got Krizz Kalico in the mix and it’s because of the fans. It’s because of all this groundwork that Strange been doing. Getting out there, we hitting every spot. Anyone that wants to see us, we gon’ go there and we gon’ rock out. And give their best concert that they’ve ever seen. These kids love it, they soak it up.”
  • Hopsin_by_Trevor_Traynora
    Coming off his Freshman cover coronation, Hopsin followed the path laid out by his mentor, Tech N9ne, eschewing mainstream commercial opportunities in favor of building a devoted cult audience via heavy touring and a heavier web presence. In July 2012, the Los Angeles native released the fifth installment of his “Ill Mind of Hopsin” video series and garnered more than a million views in less than 24 hours—at press time had amassed nearly 25 million. He also appeared on the 2012 Cypher at the BET Hip-Hop Awards alongside 2011 Freshman Mac Miller, Mystikal, and 2013 Freshman ScHoolboy Q. He is currently preparing a new album, Knock Madness, and a collaborative EP with fellow Southern California native, drummer Travis Barker.
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    On Connecting with the Fans:
    “Be yourself. Be honest, do music and be yourself and there’s gonna be millions of people that love that and feel it just like you do. But what they taught me was, you get out here and you touch these people. Like the meet and greets, I don’t know anyone that does a meet and greet as far as like 3-4, 3-5 every single day all these shows, the fans actually can come in and take pictures. We sign their autographs and get a chance to talk to them—that builds a connection. The fans know you. So it’s not like, they hear a song and they in love with the song. They actually know who Tech is. And what I’ve found out is the fans love that. They see you just like one of them. That’s how they become loyal fans. Touching ‘em, letting ‘em come talk to you, taking pictures with ‘em—we go to small cities. Like on this tour, we did Blackford, Idaho. We hit the big cities, too, but it’s also the other ones where everyone’s skipping over.<p>“It’s something that the fans will never forget. When they can be up and close and personal and talk to you. And then listen to your music, and you’re telling your life. And they feel, they can adapt, they relate to you. They love the music, but they love the person.”</p>

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  • Thomas Tox

    I just got this preorder yesterday. It blew my mind. I knew it was going to be good but how magnificent it really is, It it wooo Gold! I met him a couple times. One timewas the VIP session with Strange. The other time he was on his solo tour at a local bar. He is very personable and a cool guy to chat with. So go out and purchase his album if you want to know what Stevie Stone is about. Strange music dot inc you can buy everything you need. If you really want to find out go see his stage show. He will show you.

  • Cory Holland

    I met Stone in Indianapolis and I’ve been a fan since his Himmi Hyme Mixtapes and his album New Kid Comin that he dropped on Ruthless. This guy is the real deal, pure spitter and a koo, down to earth kinda cat. If yall ain’t up on it, we don’t know what you think about.

  • Matthew David Meyer

    First time I ever listen to stevie stone was about month ago

  • Blake Snyder

    i heard about him first on his mixtape onn datpiff, set in stone 4

  • Alan

    I first heard of stone on the KOD album

  • Janice Wiest

    I am a fairly new fan of Stevie’s. I recently seen him with Tech N9ne in Toledo, Ohio on the Hostile Takeover Tour. He was pretty bad ass! Not to mention, I was front row :) I’m glad Strange Music introduced him to me…I’m a fan 4 life!

  • Alan

    Oh and been listening to him ever since I heard him when KOD was released

  • Ashley Lynn

    I went to the show in Buffalo only knowing of Tech n9ne and mayday.. I walked out being Stevie Stones #1 fan… He was amazing I scooped up his album that day and several of my friends are hypnotized if you will by it!!! He was great to the fans chatty didnt rush or push anyone away and I’ll tell ya from going to 100′s of diff shows, Artists like him are hard to come by keep up the amazing tracks and we will continue to show love!!!! Strange music is going to the top!!!!!