Rick Ross Unveils God Forgives, I Don’t Album Cover

Out with the old and in with the new. After originally unveiling the album’s cover art last year—which coincided with its then December 13th release date—Rick Ross unveils God Forgives, I Don’t‘s new album artwork just in time before the LP arrives July 31st. Looking at and comparing the two, XXLMag.com asks…which cover looks better?

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  • wei sheng

    “maybach this, rolls royce that, money women money, God this dude is wack”…. e40′s new lp’s are bangin, can’t wait for the GZA drops that “space” inspired lp, uh, ya’ll get my drift, but this is a new generation of hip hop….nicca please, “bring that beat back bring that beat back” mc eight, redman, wu tang, scarface, ugk, outkast, gangstarr, tribe called quest, poor righteous teachers, pharcyde, blackmoon, roots(undone is bananas) spice1,empd,lord finese,keith murray,dogg lb,curren$y,j.cole,jada(lox),JAY ELECTRONICA FOR PREZ,mos def,mystical,NAS,peteRoc & cl…..yea, hip hop!!!!!


    Neither, God forgives “real fans of hip hop dont” and they arent easily fooled by wack ass wanna be rappers either.

  • wei sheng

    im from the south and i’ll say it in the most new york way….man this nigga is Wack with a capital W, give me hip hop or give me death, wiz khalif you on that list too, too many wack rappers(not m.c.’s)to name but uh, ya’ll feel me

  • returnof4eva

    obviously he has more fans than you haters….UGH….WOOH

  • James

    obviously he has more fans than you haters….UGH….WOOH


  • Cali

    It’s almost as if the loss of authenticity has freed him to push the Rick Ross character to its utmost extreme.
    When Rick Ross compares himself to Big Meech and Larry Hoover on “B.M.F.,” the semantics are important. He has gone from saying that he “knows” infamous drug traders, to saying that he “thinks” he is one. The “I think I’m” in “I think I’m Big Meech/ Larry Hoover” implies that Rick Ross in fact knows that he’s not a big time coke dealer, but that he has convinced himself that he is. Again, Ross is winking at his own play-acting.

  • atown don

    Cyber Thugs crack me up….LOL Cats unhappy wit their reality so they go on a computer to air their frustrations… Like the man or not HE really doesnt care… Dude paid, his fans out weigh the hate, & like it or not he’s top 5 rite now & has been for the last couple of years….. Oh now i see y the lames hate!LOL Sucks to be yall… Well all i have to say is cats like Rozay feed off the doubters & neighsayers so get yall HATE WEIGHT up!

  • Big D

    Rick Ross wack he alway rap bout da same shit

  • Jake

    Haters are gonna hate, but he still has more money, girls, cars, homes, and everything than yall do.

  • wei sheng

    yo, how can you critics call ppl haters who don’t like certain, artists/entertainers, dude simply can not m.c. i don’t hate on no bro gettin money, even if he fakes it to make it like ross, i simply don’t like his musak, how’s that hatin’? dude was a c.o. wtf? his management and a&r team simply know how to push his music…period. lame ass generation of rappers & their lame ass followers, peep that list of hip hop i gave to you critics in the previous comments and tell me what m.c. along those lines will not crush ross when it comes to hip hop, not rap but hip hop, there’s a difference…. nah-eve & gullable ass clowns, peace!

  • rubeng808

    i bet hed sit on ur face and make you say huh! keep hating on the south is why we still shine in the dark MM as far as i knowi got tired of old new york rappers thay just never came back with anything good ….jayz wack !