Nicki Minaj Confirms Free New York City Concert

Just as she did last night (June 4) on Hot 97, Nicki Minaj promised a free concert in New York. This morning (June 5) on Hot 97’s New York City competitor, Power 105, Nicki says she plans on making up her no-show at Summer Jam with a free concert in NYC.

“It’s still in the works, but it’s definitely gonna happen,” Minaj said about the free concert. “We gonna make it work.”

“This was actually Wayne’s suggestion,” the Young Money princess added. “Wayne was like, ‘Yo Nick, we can do our own show for the people. You don’t have to feel bad.’ Obviously, I felt bad. I don’t want to let my fans down, period. We’re going to have fun.”

She first talked about plans for the free concert with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 on Monday night.

Meanwhile Hot 97 personality, Peter Rosenberg, who called Minaj’s “Starships” single “bullshit” hours before her schedule Summer Jam performance is sticking to his opinion about the record and choice comments.

“Hey, I went out there, I was hosting, I was in the zone of doing real hip-hop,” Rosenberg said on the air this morning. “I just said what came to mind and everyone made a big deal about it…Now the Barbz are all hitting me and asking me to apologize. There’s a get-me-to-apoligize movement, to which I can say…I’m absolutely not apologizing because I didn’t do anything wrong.”

As of press time, there aren’t any concrete details about Nicki’s proposed free NYC concert.—Jakinder Singh

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  • adonisaliassoupbone

    bad fuckn bizness…. How a company let an employee get away with disrespectn the closing act with his personal opinions BAD BUSINESS PERIOD.

    Her crossover is the reason she was set to close.

    To bad the fans got caught up in the politics….hopefully they will put a FREE show 2gether 4the fans….wasnt the show 4them (not P.Rosenberg) anyway?

  • TwinNyce

    Rosenberg doesn’t need to apologize for shit …we are all entitled to a freedom of speech, if your out there making millions of dollars why in the fuck do you care about something only one person said???

    she just turn down 60,000 fans and some money because someone voiced their opinion? she wanna talk about respect & shit and she more fake than a Barbie doll, we still dont know what this bitch hair look like.

    all the things going on in her life n she worried bout rosenberg calling her song bullshit??? please..this duty rass gyal need to learn to make proper judgment because she doing bad business. she say that her fan base is everything but yet she turn down all those ppl who save they paychecks to buy tickets to see her and put bread in her pocket, which confirms her nickname of a Barbie b/c she is FAKE.
    Rosenberg dont apologize for doing your job ..and start doing contracts with the artist to avoid issues like this

  • TL

    I second that twinnyce. People criticize this chick day in and out on blog sites and she rarely bats an eye, but one DJ says he doesn’t like her song (not her) and she cancels a show. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and when you are at the top of your game, learn to take the good with a grain of salt. That’s just how it is. Nicki acting like she’s 13 not 30. The best she could have done is performed and told Peter to go to he**, instead she backed out at lil wayne’s command.

    Now the YM camp want to do a free concert to make up for it, their “own” show. Narcissistic pricks…they wanted the show to be all about them to begin with! Anyway, I heard summer jam was still hot..guess one monkey don’t stop a show.